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Welcome to Eastern Bloc Records

Welcome to Eastern Bloc Records

Established 1985. Online record store for the true vinyl purist. We specialise in Techno, Drum & Bass, House, Reggae & Electronic music from across the spectrum.

New Releases

  • Drum & Bass / Jungle

    1. NEED FOR MIRRORS - Dead Poets

      Joe Moses, also known by his pseudonym Need For Mirrors, makes a welcome comeback to Horizons Music with a three-track EP that’ll reinstate your love for his chiselled grooves and melodic production. Time after time Need For Mirrors transfers his decorated career into his music, proving that years spent in both the studio and behind the decks have created a timeless discography, littered with tracks like this. Channelling the same soul as his Learn More
    2. RICKY FORCE - Severed EP (Pre Order: 14/04/17)

      Proper jungle from Ricky Force on the ever quality AKO from Mr. Stretch. Essential! Learn More
  • Bass Music / Dubstep / Garage

    1. NOMINE - Blind Man

      Deepest strains of sino-step and mutant house from Tempa's most prolific recent contributor. The (wu)tang of the strings and Gung-Fu film samples in 'Blind Man' remind us of Felicita's 'Bring It' with xtra subs, while the fragrant vocal and minimalist shuffle of 'To The Sky' hums a bit, and 'Nomine's Robot' tests out a sub-swung steppers' house sound. Learn More
    2. ULRICH TROYER - Songs For William 3 (CD & 32 Page Comic Book)

      ****CD DIGIPAK COMES WITH CD SIZED 32-PAGES COMIC NOVEL**** With Songs For William 3 Ulrich Troyer presents the final part of his experimental dub trilogy. The hand-drawn bonus track is entitled William - The Seven Year Itch. A comic novel narrating the story of a breakup from the perspective of a stomp box called William and a MS-20 filter clone named Charlotte. Learn More
  • House

    1. SEAN THOMAS - The Weigh

      In 2016, Thomas McAlister AKA Cop Envy, turned in a stunning EP for UK label Opal Tapes. A percussive excursion through 3am mind melters, Thom proved his ability to craft seemingly effortless, yet undeniably entrancing club tools. Under new alias SEAN THOMAS, Thom extends his reach into deeper, harmonic textures. Heady melodic inflections float atop peak-time, rolling rhythmic beds in what feels like an ode to the late 90s, limited-capacity Learn More
    2. JACQUES BON - Dawning Light

      Jacques Bon motions through the day’s early energy Dawning Light. True to the record’s title, Bon composed the four tracks for his debut EP on Beats In Space Records in the morning sun, reflecting and refracting the colors of daybreak from his compositions. Learn More
  • Techno

    1. THREAD - Conningham EP

      New UK based imprint aiming to bring you atmospheric and emotional treats that toe the line between bass heavy, electro leaning, house & techno and everything in between. The label's first outing comes from the duo Thread.Tabor kicks of the release and it's a motorik workout that combines elements of minimal techno and acid, with a squelchy bassline and moody synth melodies all carried along by tight percussions. Learn More
    2. OBJEKT - Objekt #4

      TJ Hertz’s first original release since 2014’s Flatland LP comes in the form of Objekt #4, a continuation of his club-focused white label series and a tribute to the sadly now defunct Basement Q, a formative and beloved haunt in Berlin’s Schöneberg district which quietly but profoundly shaped the musical identities of Hertz and several of his contemporaries until its final closure in 2012. Learn More
  • Experimental

    1. DRESVN - Acido 25 EP (Pre Order: 07/04/17)

      'Become a slave to Dresvn’s groove & get seduced by irresistible House pulses - hats off to Dresvn & crew. Learn More
    2. ENA - Divided: Body EP

      ENA providing the finest experimental electro / drone sounds on this one!! Learn More
  • Hip Hop / Beats

    1. GAS LAB - Fusion LP

      Village Live Records are proud to present our first record of 2017, our latest instalment comes in the form of the highly anticipated Gas-Lab LP ‘Fusion’ Fusion is crafted by Argentinian producer and multi instrumentalist Gas-Lab, featuring an exciting lineup of MC’s, from USA, Canada, Spain, UK, South America and more. To top it all off, Gas-Labs production also features a variety of live jazz musicians, creating an authentic, Jazzy sound whilst maintaining it’s hiphop roots. Learn More
    2. MORESOUNDS - Mutation Experts EP

      French producer Moresounds makes a welcome return to Cosmic Bridge five years after his debut. The Paris-based dub scientist was one of the first artist Om Unit picked for the label and the co-sign helped launch his career, which has since included contributions to Astrophonica, Doc Scott’s 31 Records, and remixes for Machinedrum as well as a growing touring schedule that saw him take his Learn More
  • Funk / Soul / Jazz / Disco

    1. EARTH, WIND & FIRE - Brazilian Rhyme (7" Vinyl)

      Huge, The full unreleased version of the o.g bboy classic 'Brazilian Rhyme' straight out the Sony tape vaults ( I made that sound easier than it was). Not just one for hip-hop heads, the appreciation of this groove is pretty much universal. The track is an uncredited cover of Toninho Horta's "Beijo Partido" most likely directly influenced by Milton Nascimentos version from the LP Minas which is a great cheap LP while we are on that. On the flip for the first Learn More
    2. FRICTION BAND - Watchin' You (Pre Order: 29/03/17)

      Classic Funk & Soul Vibes on this re issie from Athens of the north!! Check it out!! Learn More
  • Reggae

    1. ULRICH TROYER - Songs For William 3 LP

      Wicked release by Ulrich Troyer on 4bit productions!! plenty of bass & electro driven tracks with warm reggae dub vibes!! Check it out!! Learn More
    2. BOB MARLEY - 30 Years Ago (2 x 12" LP)

      Excellent comp which marked the 30 anniversary of Bob Marley's death in May 1981, this double album collects together highlights from Marley's pre-Island Records recordings. Learn More
  • World

    1. MANU DIBANGO - Ceddo LP

      Quality reissue of Manu Dibango's Ceddo LP!! Lots of African funk & jazz vibes on this classic!! Learn More
    2. THE CHI FACTORY - The Kallikatsou Recordings

      Hanyo van Oosterom lived in the small cave of the Kallikatsou in the early eighties, finding inspiration there for the Chi project (1983-1986). From the nineties to 2006 he created drones, loops, samples and soundscapes, traveling numerous times annually back and forth to the Kallikatsou for fine-tuning. With the Original Recordings and Bamboo Recordings, both strongly connected to the Learn More