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Welcome to Eastern Bloc Records

Welcome to Eastern Bloc Records

Established 1985. Online record store for the true vinyl purist. We specialise in Techno, Drum & Bass, House, Reggae & Electronic music from across the spectrum.

New Releases

  • Drum & Bass / Jungle

    1. SPECTRASOUL ‎– How We Live (Remixes)

      Reflecting on last years 'How We Live', Spectrasoul deliver a batch of emotive remixes based on their third album. Learn More
    2. ZED BIAS - Different Response LP: Remixes

      Off the back of last years stellar LP from Manchester's own Zed Bias, Exit records delegate the remix duties to Calibre and Skeptical. Learn More
  • Bass Music / Dubstep / Garage

    1. SISKIYOU - Mirrors

      New one on Chestplate Records Learn More
  • House

    1. VARIOUS - Odd Sox Vol. 2

      Following on from the odd pair of sox that was OddSox Vol. 1, 2Sox have been busy curating their next journey and have recruited some fine talent to guide us on this ride. We go across the globe, straddle the stratosphere before going on an interstellar adventure. Learn More
    2. JOHN DALY - I Keep On

      John Daly is without a doubt one of the most influential artists of deep Dub-House. The Irish man's music has an unique and truly original trademark sound. With these two tracks he proves once again his exceptional quality and makes no secret about his influence, real Chicago and Detroit House in a fresh and timeless outfit with his special twist. Already championed in sets by great DJs such as Laurent Garnier and Antal to name just a few. Learn More
  • Techno

    1. VARIOUS - Spirits Of The Black Lodge Vol. 2

      Another haunting techno release from The Black Lodge. Featuring tracks from TX Connect, Belligerents, Jasen Loveland and Kosmik! Learn More
    2. VAKULISM - Edelweiss Reflections

      Ukranian enigma Vakula adopts his Vakulism moniker for a 4 track EP of deep, spatial techno Learn More
  • Experimental

    1. BELONG - October Language

      Since it's release in early 2006, Belongs debut masterpiece has accumulated a dedicated cult following, with comparisons to the work of Tim Hecker and Gas, with some claims that it plays like My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless" sans the songs. While these comparisons are useful for filing this album into a particular bin in the record shop, time has proven that "October Language" is a unique album which remains unmatched by its contemporaries. Learn More
    2. DRUMS OFF CHAOS - Centre

      The focus here is on abstract, grooving drum music. Rhythms are reduced to their elementary nucleus to such an extent that they can be perceived as clearly singular but also as universal. And something emerges that follows universal laws such as gravity, ergonomics and acoustics. Learn More
  • Hip Hop / Beats

    1. MADVILLAIN - Money Folder / America's Most Blunted EP

      The first official release with DOOM and Madlib working as Madvillain. Including remixes of both tracks. Complete your DOOM / Madlib collection! Learn More
    2. MADVILLAIN - Curls / All Caps EP

      Two of the standout tracks from one of the most beloved and acclaimed LP's in hip-hop. Doom and Madlib in a perfectly villainous tandem & at the top of their respective games. The EP features 2 interlude tracks not featured on the album, as well as instrumental versions of both singles. Learn More
  • Funk / Soul / Jazz / Disco

    1. ISAAC HAYES - Shaft (2 x LP)

      Classic soundtrack by bonafide Soul legend Isaac Hayes. Few captured the sound of cinema's Blaxploitation movement better than the big man, providing the backdrop for one of the genre's most well-known and well-loved films. This 2LP reissue comes as an essential recommendation from us for any lovers of all things soulful! Learn More
    2. TOM OF ENGLAND - Care to Destroy?

      This is an adventure into nu-disco, the title track 'Care To Destroy' cleverly samples an iconic punk rock tune with funky bass which Learn More
  • Reggae

    1. HEIGHTS & WORSHIP - Selassie's Song

      Heights & Worship release on London's ZamZam Sounds Learn More
    2. DADAWAH - Peace And Love

      Four psychedelic roots reggae tracks from 1974. Learn More
  • World

    1. DADAWAH - Peace And Love

      Four psychedelic roots reggae tracks from 1974. Learn More
    2. THEO PARRISH / BURNT FRIEDMAN - Meet Mancingelani and Zinja Hlungwani

      Theo roars into a fierce, uglier-than-ugly edit, with no let-up for thirteen minutes, when it crashes to a standstill: a hurtling, Learn More