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  1. METRO AREA - Metro Area (Remastered 3 x LP)

    METRO AREA - Metro Area (Remastered 3 x LP)


    Environ is proud to present the Metro Area 15th Anniversary Edition, Metro Area's eponymous debut album, meticulously remastered using the original source tapes and generously spread across three slabs of vinyl. Released in 2002 it was named the second best album of the decade by Resident Advisor and Fact magazine rated it as the nineteenth best album of the decade. The 12-track Learn More
  2. ANTHONY NAPLES - Zipacon

    ANTHONY NAPLES - Zipacon


    In a shorter time then most Naples has earned a stellar reputation for throwing up plate that light the dance floor, always good for a piece of play out house in the left-of-norm vein. His second plate on TTT does, in many ways, pick up where the last one left off. Tidy and spacious, there's two cuts of practically perfect house with in 'Perro' and 'More Problem', beyond functional and in Learn More
  3. BOO WILLIAMS - The Big Score EP (Pre Order)

    BOO WILLIAMS - The Big Score EP (Pre Order)


    Funk'd-out, extremely classy house-roller with smooth sax, piano chords and hand percussion al in perfect balance. Learn More
  4. TRICKFINGER - Trickfinger (CD)

    TRICKFINGER - Trickfinger (CD)


    The latest chapter in the electronic evolution of guitarist John Frusciante (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) features a new project under his Trickfinger guise and has him utilizing the classic hardware that spawned the eternal acid template. Frusciante's desire to cede control to machines has paradoxically allowed him to present a singular take on elemental dance music, a brilliant Learn More
  5. ANTHONY NAPLES - El Portal / Pueblo / Busy Signal / La Cuarta

    ANTHONY NAPLES - El Portal / Pueblo / Busy Signal / La Cuarta


    Two spaced-out, synthed-up, house tearaways; a chunk of totally fucked-up dancehall; dub techno. A guitar solo and tincture of Fleetwood Mac to boot Learn More
  6. Marcos Cabral - False Memories 2LP

    Marcos Cabral - False Memories 2LP


    A huge departure from his known works, Marcos Cabral appears on L.I.E.S. with his most dynamic and experimental work to date, the False Memories 2xlp. Compiled from various cassette tape recordings spanning the years of 1998-2000, here we have the early experiments from an accomplished producer, which showcase the unharnessed energy of youth when it crashes head on with the technology of the day. The songs created by Cabral reflect his attempts of the music of the time falling somewhere in between techno, dub techno, IDM, and even noise. An engaging and timeless listen the whole way through. Downhill Homemade Muffler Pressed For Time Solid Nature North Caroline Music For Diving Unusually Early Repaired Clocks New Home Countdown Interlude Juke The Box Virginia Broken Clocks Falling Liver Learn More

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