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  1. TINFOIL ‎– Tinfoil 6

    TINFOIL ‎– Tinfoil 6


    Tinfoil, a duo consisting of techno heavy weights Sunil Sharp and DeFeKT, have again released an EP of full of catchy analogue jams. Learn More
  2. CRESSIDA - Salvation

    CRESSIDA - Salvation


    Cressida comes with two harsh yet emotionally driven tunes stacked up by two killer remixes from Endlec and Matrixxman. Learn More
  3. WARIND/ASCORBITE ‎– Faction Vol. 2

    WARIND/ASCORBITE ‎– Faction Vol. 2


    Raw, industrial, hard techno - not for the faint hearted! Learn More



    This release is Consumer Recreation Service's showcase of exactly what their lineup have in their locker. Learn More



    One of the most prolific partnerships in the business are back with a bang on this four track EP that's just as industrial as it's cover art suggests. Learn More
  6. R²π - Library of Babel

    R²π - Library of Babel


    An atmospheric four track EP with absolutely killer sound design, especially in the low end, over slow rolling minimal drum beats. Learn More
  7. RUHIG - Sleeping Oracle EP

    RUHIG - Sleeping Oracle EP


    After the recent collaborative Library Of Babel EP alongside Retina.it and PRG/M as r2p ,Ruhig is back on Midgar with the 4 tracker Sleeping Oracle Ep, first instalment of a release trilogy. Learn More



    Germanic label Fleisch have gained traction from their recent string of EBM flavoured releases, becoming a home for fast-driven, synth heavy techno. Learn More
  9. REEKO - La Mala Educacion

    REEKO - La Mala Educacion


    In recent years, the Spanish producer’s has gained a reputation for producing well crafted techno variants, a sound that embraces a dark, abrasive energy without compromising groove. Learn More
  10. TOMMY FOUR SEVEN - 47013

    TOMMY FOUR SEVEN - 47013


    47013 sees the first solo EP from the label head himself, Tommy Four Seven; his first solo EP since 2014. Learn More
  11. NX1 Remixed EP 3

    NX1 Remixed EP 3


    After more than 5 years releasing exclusively their own material on their label, NX1 use their cultivated experience to launch Nexe Records, a new platform with which they look to expand through other artists. Learn More
  12. HENNING BAER - Shatterproof

    HENNING BAER - Shatterproof


    The debut album from head of Grounded Theory and MANHIGH; a continuation of his downcast, experimental interpretation of modern electronic music for which he's been subject to an abundance of critical acclamation Learn More
  13. CUTE HEELS feat AGA WILK - State Of Mind (Pre Order)

    CUTE HEELS feat AGA WILK - State Of Mind (Pre Order)


    “State of Mind” is a 4-track EP featuring the vocal talents of Berlin artist Aga Wilk aka Romance Disaster on the the title track. Learn More
  14. TRAXMEN / ROBERT ARMANI - Grind EP (Trax Series Vol. 1) (Pre Order)

    TRAXMEN / ROBERT ARMANI - Grind EP (Trax Series Vol. 1) (Pre Order)


    CHIWAX proudly presents the new Roberet Armani Traxx Series! Featuring new and old releases from the Chicago Master, starting with the "Grind EP" which came out originally 1997 on Dance Mania! Learn More
  15. CARON - Haunted Memory (Pre Order)

    CARON - Haunted Memory (Pre Order)


    Caron first came to light through his debut release on Boris Bunnik’s Transcendent label back in 2014. Since then he has also released on Mosaique & 030303 Haunted Memory sees Caron shift through the gears from string ridden melancholy to aggressive broken acidic workouts all with an overhanging state of suspense. Learn More
  16. J ALBERT - Strictly J (Pre Order)

    J ALBERT - Strictly J (Pre Order)


    Since debuting last year, J. Albert has showcased his brand of hard-to-pigeonhole dance music on an impressive array of imprints (Lovers Rock, Black Opal and Cult Trip included). Here, the Exotic Dance co-founder pops up on 1080p, treating fans of the Vancouver institution to a quartet of ear-catching compositions. Learn More
  17. HOBIE - Espresso Depresso

    HOBIE - Espresso Depresso


    Hobie steps up for his debut EP on Seb Wildblood's All My Thoughts. Learn More
  18. S>>D - Co Intel Pro (2xLP)

    S>>D - Co Intel Pro (2xLP)


    S>>D aka Sean Dorris from Belfast delivers his debut album 'Co Intel Pro' on CPU. Refined sampling alongside hip hop influenced breaks sees S>>D operating in a similar dimension to VHS Head. Reminiscent of 1980s sci-fi soundtracks interwoven with IDM-tinged electro, haunting atmospheres prevail throughout with hints of a genre that has yet to emerge. Learn More
  19. NEW WORLD - World Today

    NEW WORLD - World Today


    The very Definition of Deepfunk this record was a huge spin for Keb Darge in the Early 2000s. Not only brilliant, but very very rare ($2000+), respected by collectors and a dancefloor smasher. Recorded for Philadelphia's Virtue Records (Named after it's owner Frank Virtue) and kindly licensed to us from his daughters after a long search for the cleanest copy we could find to master from. Learn More
  20. JUNES - Circuit Rift (EP)

    JUNES - Circuit Rift (EP)


    Forceful grooves and trippy soundscapes here business as usual for Junes, whose latest EP adds to a string of releases getting bagged by those looking to work the floor with tight and atmospheric rhythms. The Galdoors man's flair for unexpected combos is on parade in Circuit Rift, where a UK-style low end is flung into the mix with rough drums and 4am melodics. Learn More
  21. RROSE & LUCY - The Lotus Eaters II

    RROSE & LUCY - The Lotus Eaters II


    Rrose & Lucy's influence on the direction of techno in the last five years is undeniable. The first Lotus Eaters collaboration appeared on Stroboscopic Artefacts in 2016. For their follow up on Eaux, the pair go deeper into Lucy's analog modular forest, searching for those essential elements that will yield alchemical results. Learn More
  22. MAMMAL HANDS - Shadow Work

    MAMMAL HANDS - Shadow Work


    Captivating, ethereal and majestic, Mammal Hands (saxophonist Jordan Smart, pianist Nick Smart and drummer and percussionist Jesse Barrett) has carved out a refreshingly original sound from a disparate array of influences: drawing on spiritual jazz, north Indian, folk and classical music to create something inimitably their own. Learn More
  23. HIDDEN ORCHESTRA - Dawn Chorus Remixes (2 x LP)

    HIDDEN ORCHESTRA - Dawn Chorus Remixes (2 x LP)


    Hidden Orchestra’s 'Dawn Chorus Remixes' follows the illuminating ‘Dawn Chorus’ album; reworking producer and composer Joe Acheson’s latest album of immersive field recordings and expansive soundscapes into an journey through electronica, deep house and ambient psychedelia. Learn More
  24. VARIOUS ARTISTS - Sick Music 2018 (3 x CD)

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Sick Music 2018 (3 x CD)


    After a six-year hiatus, everyone’s favourite Hospital compilation returns. Witness the sickness, this is drum & bass, this is 'Sick Music 2018'. Learn More
  25. VARIOUS ARTISTS - Sick Music 2018 (4 x LP)

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Sick Music 2018 (4 x LP)


    After a six-year hiatus, everyone’s favourite Hospital compilation returns. Witness the sickness, this is drum & bass, this is 'Sick Music 2018'. Learn More
  26. OHIO PLAYERS - The Definitive Collection: Plus... (3 x CD)

    OHIO PLAYERS - The Definitive Collection: Plus... (3 x CD)


    Robinsongs are proud to be the first label to combine the Capitol, Westbound, Mercury, Arista & Boardwalk repertoire to make this unique compilation, but we did not stop there, we have also included material from Band members: Junie Morrison, Sugarfoot & Shadow (Billy Beck, Clarence Willis & Diamond) to give you a total career overview of this exceptional Funk Band. Learn More
  27. CABASA - Aquaris Monopole EP

    CABASA - Aquaris Monopole EP


    Fathered by Lium, dj active in the Belgian new beat scene back in the late 80’s, Cabasa is the continuity of his father’s passion. Drawing influences from electronica to jungle and techno, his sound is an hybrid bass music genre. The will to make people dance has definitely been passed down though. Learn More
  28. ANDREAS GEHM - Living That Life

    ANDREAS GEHM - Living That Life


    Killekill House Trax is going strong - this time with a 4-tracker by the incredible Andreas Gehm. He sent us the music shortly before his death and said we could pick any of his artist names and his only condition was that the music was released on vinyl. Only after his death we realized that he had obviously already taken a decision then... Learn More
  29. KEITH HUDSON - Playing It Cool & Playing It Right

    KEITH HUDSON - Playing It Cool & Playing It Right


    Keith Hudson, the dub dentist, was a one-off innovator with impeccable, classical lineage: his first studio recording involved former Skatalites; his earliest releases provided solid-gold hits for Ken Boothe's "Old Fashioned Way" as far back as John Holt, Delroy Wilson, U-Roy and the rest. Learn More
  30. SEEKERS INTERNATIONAL meets MX7 - Inna Dancehall Showdown

    SEEKERS INTERNATIONAL meets MX7 - Inna Dancehall Showdown


    Dancehall Showdown is a crazy non-place world where 60’s Spaghetti Westerns, 70’s Library Synth Records and 90’s Golden Era Dancehall come together for a death-defying communion inna Yard! The old posse of SKRS and MX7 ride once again under the banner of their co-run label, ICS Library Records, off into the fringes of sound-based reality. Learn More
  31. PARRIS - The Parris Remixes

    PARRIS - The Parris Remixes


    Berceuse Heroique's Ancient Monarchy adds to the Parris story with three beautiful remixes that add and enhance the mysterious London artist's unique vibe all the more. Learn More
  32. JOHN F.M. ‎– Ricochet... And Then Leave

    JOHN F.M. ‎– Ricochet... And Then Leave


    Here is the long awaited third release from John FM. He is a 24 year old rising star from Detroit who follows up two well received EP's on Omar S' esteemed FXHE records - with yet more dusty machine funk for The Trilogy Tapes. He's found a fitting home on TTT, you can really hear it on the A side epic "Ricochet" as it pumps away beneath the lo-fi tape saturation, all hypnotic arpeggios and rusty drum patterns galore. On the flip, it's a classic Motor City affair from the Learn More
  33. KING KONG ‎– He Was A Friend

    KING KONG ‎– He Was A Friend


    This record follows on from the string of mid~eighties hits for Firehouse, Jammy's, Ujama and co, for which Dennis Thomas aka King Kong is most celebrated. Originally released in 1988 as a tribute to his friend Tenor Saw, killed that year in suspicious circumstances in Houston, Texas, at the age of twenty~two, it Learn More
  34. GREGORY ISAACS - Dealing

    GREGORY ISAACS - Dealing


    Double-barrelled digital onslaughts from Niney The Observer - the Dealing rhythm is aka Power-Saw, not for nothing - and both vocalists are inspired. Memories Version is a Basic Replay exclusive. Learn More
  35. UJAMA PRODUCTIONS - Replay Version

    UJAMA PRODUCTIONS - Replay Version


    Four riveting, deeply grooving digital-dub productions for his own Ujama label by the great deejay Prince Jazzbo - widely celebrated for such toasts as Imperial I, Mr Harry Skank and Natty Passing Through Rome for the likes of Coxsone Dodd, Glen Brown and Lee Perry. From the late-80s, sides like these announced a new era in reggae. Replay Version sets the mood here - malevolent, sick and paranoid, but haunting, an Learn More



    Walo Walo's title track has all the hallmarks of past Ndagga releases: rippling grooves played on hand percussion, with crisp production. This time there's a bit more club oomph, with thundering kicks and sonorous claps. This one comes with or without scattered lyrics, as "Walo Walo Version" and "Walo Walo Rhythm." "Ndiguel Groove" rides a fluttering backbeat played on a drum kit, reinforced with a classic 4/4 techno pulse. Cascades of hand percussion fall into Learn More
  37. BASIC CHANNEL ‎– Quadrant Dub

    BASIC CHANNEL ‎– Quadrant Dub


    Tracklist A Quadrant Dub I B Quadrant Dub II Learn More



    Two tracks of fierce 303 action from Auto Sound City one of which is remixed by Posthuman. Pressed on a one-sided, hand stamped and numbered standard weight black vinyl release. Accompanied by a printed info sheet insert. Learn More
  39. MINIMAL VIOLENCE - Night Gym



    Having impressed with a fine debut 12" on First Second Label earlier this year, Ashlee Luk and Lida P bring their minimal violence project to 1080p. Their sound - a combination of dreamy pads, fluttering melodies and punishing, occasionally distorted drums - is a perfect fit for the Vancouver label. There's little to fault throughout the five tracks, with highlights coming thick and fast. Learn More
  40. ZVUKBRODA - Ako / Kse Zo

    ZVUKBRODA - Ako / Kse Zo


    After decade and more, Zvuk Broda is back, refreshed and remastered. Collectors deep house at it's finest! Learn More
  41. SWEETLAND/SUGREF - Claypots EP



    Doe Dee is a new label curated by stalwart Sydney DJ / Fbi Radio Presenter Kato releasing forward thinking club music from Australia to the world. The first release sees the two personalities of Melbourne producer Fergus Sweetland splitting 2 sides of a liquorice pizza. Learn More
  42. FUTURE/PAST - Rare & Unreleased

    FUTURE/PAST - Rare & Unreleased


    UK techno veteran Kirk Degiorgio takes on the Future/Past guise once more for an exquisite 4 tracker on the Belgian De:tuned label. Learn More
  43. Timothy J FAIRPLAY - The Way Is Opened & Closed EP

    Timothy J FAIRPLAY - The Way Is Opened & Closed EP


    London indie dance hero Tim Fairplay returns with an awesome EP on his own Work For Love, the label's sophomore effort that has been only two years in the making. Bold and striking vintage jams bridging the gap between first wave Chicago house, Italo disco and EBM. Learn More
  44. Eamon HARKIN - Weaker Moments

    Eamon HARKIN - Weaker Moments


    A two-track heater from the Eamon Harkin half of Mister Saturday Night. Learn More
  45. OTIK / DEAD MAN'S CHEST - Hunga



    Picking up the gauntlet from DEXTLTD001 by Bodyjack & Special Request the 2nd Release on the DEXT LIMITED series comes from one of DEXT’s staple artists Otik , backed with a blistering jungle remix from Dead Man’s Chest Essential stuff for all Bass Heads ! Learn More
  46. CASBAH73 - Love Saves The Day (w/ RAHAAN remix)

    CASBAH73 - Love Saves The Day (w/ RAHAAN remix)


    A glorious live disco workout harking back to the spirit of New York's heyday when love and inclusivity ruled the dancefloor. Featuring additional remix by Rahaan. Learn More
  47. AARON BROOMFIELD - I'm Gonna Miss Ya / Does Anybody Really Know (7")

    AARON BROOMFIELD - I'm Gonna Miss Ya / Does Anybody Really Know (7")


    "'I'm gonna miss ya' was transferred from tapes by Aaron himself and is a brilliant boogie joint that's highly coveted on many scenes for good reason. On the flip we have got the super rare and relatively unknown 'Does Anybody Really Know', one for the heads, no master exists for this but Jeremy Underground kindly lent me his minty copy to master from." Learn More



    Profane and Shift team up for Pinecone Moonshine ! Learn More
  49. DIGITAL - Spacefunk remixes (Pre Order: 09/02/18)

    DIGITAL - Spacefunk remixes (Pre Order: 09/02/18)


    4 remastered remixes of Digital's classic track Spacefunk by Future Bound, Goldie's 'Rufige Kru', Doc Scott's 'Nasty Habits' and Photek's 'Special Forces', the original and a brand new remix from Om Unit. Learn More
  50. EGOLESS - Like a Nuclear Bomb / Super Echo (Pre Order: 09/02/18)

    EGOLESS - Like a Nuclear Bomb / Super Echo (Pre Order: 09/02/18)


    Coming from Scotch Bonnet Records, Egoless is back again. Learn More



    Danny Scrilla and Kromestar have engineered a warped cosmos of left-field sonics, sitting skew whiff between the weirdest corner of dubstep and the fruitier end of electro. Learn More
  52. VARIOUS - Formes 001

    VARIOUS - Formes 001


    Claque Music's introduction to the world of wax is something otherworldly; 8 tracks of warped deep house, magical minimal techno and concise tech house span two vinyls, allowing variety in textures, tones and moods. Learn More
  53. SKULL - Black Static (LP)

    SKULL - Black Static (LP)


    The fourth release on Trevor Jacksons Pre- Label is by SKULL. A visceral journey into experimental noise and no wave avant grade beatscapes The last SKULL release 'SNAPZ' appeared on Jacksons own Output Recordings label in 1999. A seminal collection of tracks Learn More
  54. VARIOUS - You and Music Vol. 2 (LP)

    VARIOUS - You and Music Vol. 2 (LP)


    Following a red letter release in the form of Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin's Idiom, YAM Recordings return with the second installment of their You And Music compilation series, this time compiled by YAM fam Hollick & Z Lovecraft. Includes digital pre-order of YOUANDMUSIC VOL. 2. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also Learn More
  55. MR. FINGERS - Washing Machine (LP)

    MR. FINGERS - Washing Machine (LP)


    Remastered mixes of Larry Heard's über-classic Chicago 12" versions for the discerning digital DJ. Includes the masterful acid churn of 'Washing Machine', the instrumental of his 'Can You Feel It' anthem and the gorgeous 'Beyond The Clouds' all sounding better than they have done since the late '80s. Learn More
  56. HERBIE HANCOCK - Maiden Voyage (LP)

    HERBIE HANCOCK - Maiden Voyage (LP)


    Less overtly adventurous than its predecessor, Empyrean Isles, Maiden Voyage nevertheless finds Herbie Hancock at a creative peak. In fact, it's arguably his finest record of the '60s, reaching a perfect balance between accessible, lyrical jazz and chance-taking hard bop. By this point, the pianist had been with Miles Davis for two years, and it's clear that Miles' Learn More
  57. HERBIE HANCOCK - Empyrean Isles (LP)

    HERBIE HANCOCK - Empyrean Isles (LP)


    As a member of Miles Davis' second quintet during the 1960s, pianist Herbie Hancock rarely performed live under his own leadership, but he did take the time to record. Hancock's 1964 effort, Empyrean Isles, remains one of the most diverse and often challenging records of the pianist's tenure with Blue Note Records. It's a rare jazz record that offers both a hugely Learn More
  58. THE METERS - Struttin' (LP)

    THE METERS - Struttin' (LP)


    There is funk, and there is Funk. This here is of course the latter. Struttin' is the third studio album by the funk group The Meters, originally released in 1970. The first single was the song "Chicken Strut". It reached #11 on the U.S. R&B Singles chart. Learn More
  59. LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND - Here Come The Lords (2 x LP) (25th Anniversary Edition Green Vinyl)

    LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND - Here Come The Lords (2 x LP) (25th Anniversary Edition Green Vinyl)


    Lords Of The Underground (L.O.T.U.G.) is a hip-hop trio consisting of Newark, New Jersey's MC's Mr. Funke, Dupré 'Doitall' Kelly and Cleveland-native DJ Lord Jazz who met while still at University. Introduced by a friend they hooked up with legendary producer and radio personality Marley Marl, and with him and K-Def, laid the basis for their 1993 debut album 'Here Learn More
  60. IDRIS MUHAMMED - Power of Soul (LP)

    IDRIS MUHAMMED - Power of Soul (LP)


    Idris Muhammad was an American jazz drummer who recorded extensively with many musicians, including Bob James, Ahmad Jamal, Lou Donaldson, Pharoah Sanders, John Scofield, George Benson, Lonnie Smith and Tete Montoliu. Power of Soul is his best known album and is one of the reasons that Idris Muhammad is regarded as the drumming king of Learn More



    Tokyo Horoki (Tokyo wanderings) is a collection of tracks from pleasure cruiser's last two years living in Ota-Ku, Tokyo. The first part features tracks recorded with Shinichiro Yokota featuring vocals from Ayako Higa, Chara and Wakana hrt. Part two features collaborations with Okayama upstart Keita Sano. Learn More
  62. DUCCIO - Late Night Swing EP (Pre Oder: 16/02/18)

    DUCCIO - Late Night Swing EP (Pre Oder: 16/02/18)


    Greta Cottage New Boy Duccio LP jumps into the fray. Flipping a girthy cut & bringing together a pack of melody heavy boompty tech house arse wobblers. Learn More
  63. HECTOR PLIMMER - Sunshine Remix Album Sampler EP (Pre Order)

    HECTOR PLIMMER - Sunshine Remix Album Sampler EP (Pre Order)


    A quartet of heavy reworks. Reginald Omas Mamode IV truly does what he does best, bringing a percussive, low-slung funk to one of the most ethereal and beautiful pieces of soul on the album, Sunshine. Glenn Astro, elevates Bossa B to a jostling, bouncing shuffler that eventually turns around and heads skyward with uplifting chords Learn More
  64. WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC - Diamond Life 02 (Pre Order: 05/02/18)

    WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC - Diamond Life 02 (Pre Order: 05/02/18)


    New Zealand's most prolific J-tek enthusiast Dan Silk aka Worldwide Epidemic returns to the Myor camp, this time for a solo release on the Diamond Life sublabel. On “Aroha” he finds himself exploring territory slightly removed from his usual 4x4 Jungle Techno habitat. "Enterprise” offers Silk's signature offbeat break programming layered with a 4x4 kick drum. Learn More



    Finnish revivalist funk combo the Soul Investigators are no strangers to collaboration, having previously provided backing for Nicole Willis, Myron and Ernie Hawks. Here, they once again join forces with the latter for two more chunks of instrumental funk and soul goodness. A-side "Scorpio Walk" is the kind of cut that should come with its own named dance; a shuffling, mid-tempo funk affair that Learn More
  66. DANIEL AVERY - Slow Fade (EP)

    DANIEL AVERY - Slow Fade (EP)


    Five years after his critically acclaimed debut Drone Logic, London-based producer Daniel Avery has announced the release of his highly anticipated second album Song For Alpha, set for release on 6th April 2018 Learn More
  67. VARIOUS ARTISTS - We Out Here (CD)

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - We Out Here (CD)


    Surveying the way that London’s jazz-influenced music had spread outside of its usual spaces in recent years, this album bottles up some of the vital ideas emanating from that burgeoning movement. Giving a platform to a scene where mutual cooperation and a DIY spirit are second-nature, it’s a window into the wide-eyed future of London’s musical underground. Learn More
  68. HENRY WU & EARL JEFFERS - Projections EP

    HENRY WU & EARL JEFFERS - Projections EP


    "Both Pablo Valentino and myself have been fans of their work, be it Henry and Earls solo stuff or the highly adventurous Yussef Kamaal project which Henry introduced 2 years ago. These guys take the London sound to a whole new level and we are very proud to have them doing their thing on our label." Learn More
  69. SOFRITO - Tropical Discotheque (2 x LP)

    SOFRITO - Tropical Discotheque (2 x LP)


    For their debut compilation, Sofrito bring together 15 dynamite tropical grooves old and new ranging from raw cumbia, heavy Congolese soukous, bassline calypso and cosmic highlife. Learn More
  70. ANENON - Tongue LP

    ANENON - Tongue LP


    After his lauded album 'Petrol' and MOCA Los Angeles performance residency, Anenon was invited for a month long residency at a music conservatory in Tuscany, Italy where he recorded his new album in full. Learn More



    Artificial Intelligence's second studio album, and first for Metalheadz, was released just over 2 years ago, and we're now proud to present the remix package curated by the guys themselves. The EP features remixes from Phil:osophy (Phil Tangent & Philth), SCAR and Zero T. Learn More
  72. TROY GUNNER - Gunner002 (Pre Order: 16/02/18)

    TROY GUNNER - Gunner002 (Pre Order: 16/02/18)


    Having had 001 hotly-tipped by the likes of RA, DJ Mag and Mixmag - plus a plethora of DJ support from Hodge, Zenker Brothers, John Osborn, Carl Craig and Moxie to name but a few, Gunner stays firmly on track with another trio of armoured UK-Techno tracks packed with chilly atmospherics and gnarly drums. Learn More
  73. ALASKA - Venera / Criterion [V]

    ALASKA - Venera / Criterion [V]


    Arctic Music presents Venera. Venera is a deep emotional title adding further shelflife to the growing Arctic Music catalogue. Searing guitars, keys and chime moods escalate over sharp breaks Alaska style. Learn More
  74. KIKO NAVARRO - I Can Show You The Way

    KIKO NAVARRO - I Can Show You The Way


    Spaniard Kiko Navarro shows that he's not a one trick pony with four cuts that really expose his expertise in house music. Learn More
  75. ANDRE SOLOMKO ‎– Le Premier Disco Sans Toi

    ANDRE SOLOMKO ‎– Le Premier Disco Sans Toi


    Ukrainian born Andre Solomko fuses his passion for analogue machinery and vintage grooves to form two sunny disco cuts that even the moon couldn't eclipse. Learn More
  76. Various ‎– Anonymous Delusional Eros

    Various ‎– Anonymous Delusional Eros


    A killer 6 track EP full of pure mind benders for the excellent Berlin based imprint Nous. Learn More
  77. JULIAN STETTER - Another

    JULIAN STETTER - Another


    Six slices of evocative narrative-rich electronic soul inspired by his on-going international experiences on the road; loaded with poignant introspection, thunderous rumbles and playful theatrics, the EP is bookended by two versions of 'Chorus', a vision of scorching hope and lift that can seize a full floor's attention in seconds and full live up to the track's title, message and meaning. Learn More
  78. HIDDEN SPHERES - Wonders Of The Rainforest EP

    HIDDEN SPHERES - Wonders Of The Rainforest EP


    Fruit Merchant launches, straight outta northside Mancunia and fresh with the city's DIY spirit - a brand new venture from Hidden Spheres. For the inaugural release, Fruit Merchant proprietor and regular to Lobster Theremin, Rhythm Section and Distant Hawaii, Hidden Spheres introduces the sonic flora of his enchanted new world by way of "Wonders Of The Rainforest". Learn More
  79.  NICHOLAS - Lonnie's Reprise

    NICHOLAS - Lonnie's Reprise


    The six tracks on offer are closer to the usual Church sound - think dusty, hazy, sample-heavy deep house with clear jazz influences - tha the producer's previous work. Learn More



    Although Let's Play House generally deliver EPs of brand new house music, here they release two disco infused re-edits. Learn More
  81. STREETBOXXER - Tear Down Level 22

    STREETBOXXER - Tear Down Level 22


    Streetboxxer is a collaboration between Samo DJ and Hidden Operator. On Kings Chambers sixth release Samo DJ brings his cheap Streetboxx sampler to Hidden Operators studio and they team up for some dancehall beat making and live mixing under the (obvious) name Streetboxxer. Learn More
  82. VOLTE-FACE - Murmuration

    VOLTE-FACE - Murmuration


    London techno hero Casper Clarke returns to his notorious BleeD imprint. The party of the same name being a fixture in the UK capital for the last few years, plus his profile as a producer under aliases like Rote (with Daniel Avery) and Volte Face going from strength to strength. Learn More
  83. JAXX MADICINE - Distant Classic

    JAXX MADICINE - Distant Classic


    Enter Jaxx Madicine; a trio consisting of Turbojazz (Local Talk, GAMM Records), Parker Madicine (Heist, Bastard Jazz Brooklyn, CT-HI Records) and the talented jazz keyboardist ‘Veez_0’ who's music is pretty much indescribable (although it's my job to do this so I shall try my best). Learn More
  84. TOASTY - Metal

    TOASTY - Metal


    Since their last release (Plata's 'Kru' EP CRWL001), London based Circadian Rhythms has evolved into a concept label - a collaboration between NTS radio grime favourites Last Japan & Blackwax, fashion designer William Green, artist Dylan Tushar and designer Jase Coop. The collective challenges our understanding of what makes a record label by exploring music through the Learn More



    Map references that don't lead anywhere."Starfish stories, cybernetics, randomised control trials, the private language argument."Leslie Winer's spoken-word waterfalls are a conscious, unconscious, intuitive and informed ordering of lyrical touchstones. Reprinted on the inner sleeves and layered over Jay Glass Dubs' darkest, dubbest, most urgent scattershot riddims. Learn More
  86. MALL GRAB - I'll Be In Paris On Sunday If You're About? EP

    MALL GRAB - I'll Be In Paris On Sunday If You're About? EP


    More from Mall Grab, the prolific producer who has become deep house royalty since making his debut back in 2015. As usual, the tracks showcased here are rich in both atmosphere and melodious intent. He begins via the woozy, minor key chords, quietly bustling beats and dreamy sampled vocal loops of peak-time standout "Caught Slippin", before showcasing his love of electro on the tuneful Learn More
  87. BABE ROOTS - Babe Roots (LP)

    BABE ROOTS - Babe Roots (LP)


    Out of stock

    Album composed and produced by Babe Roots in Berlin (DE) and Turin (IT) between 2013 and 2016. Mastered by Mathieu Berthet at Berthet Mastering Paris. Learn More
  88. ENEI & KASRA - Transmitter EP

    ENEI & KASRA - Transmitter EP


    The talents of Enei and Critical boss Kasra combine once more to kick off 2018. With the infamous Jakes on title track vocal duty, the ‘Transmitter EP’ rolls out five pieces of low-slung, sci-fi drum & bass designed for darkened rooms across the world. Learn More
  89. VARIOUS - Ten Years Of Integral Album Sampler

    VARIOUS - Ten Years Of Integral Album Sampler


    Celebrating the seminal journey of the label thus far, a double album will mark this very special occasion, and this is a perfect teaser for what’s to follow, the Album Sampler will drop this November featuring two stunning tracks. Learn More
  90. KRUST - The Portal / Concealing Treachery
  91. KLIM BEATS - Natural (LP)

    KLIM BEATS - Natural (LP)


    Latest slab of instrumental goodness from the fine folks at Village Live Records, debut drop from Ukrainian producer Klim Beats. Learn More
  92. dgoHn ‎– So Be It, Lumbricina (Pre Order: 26/01/18)

    dgoHn ‎– So Be It, Lumbricina (Pre Order: 26/01/18)


    Back with his third single on Love Love, the drum maestro makes skin prickle once again with two shining original tracks laced with impeccable moments. Only dgoHn can create the kind of drum and bass that sounds like the tightest of ensembles playing meticulously rehearsed arrangements, painting intricate shapes with the percussion. Learn More
  93. SNIPS - The Barbershop LP

    SNIPS - The Barbershop LP


    Snips delivers the first vinyl release on Houseology. The Barbershop LP is a tongue in cheek play on the production techniques Todd Worsnip aka Snips normally uses when making his Hip-Hop work. This 8 track LP is meeting of the two worlds of House and Hip-Hop tapping into Snips’ raw ability to find the best cuts and chops needed for any genre. Learn More
  94. DâM-FUNK - DJ-Kicks (2 x LP)

    DâM-FUNK - DJ-Kicks (2 x LP)


    Dâm-Funk gives us his DJ Kicks opus on the independent record label !K7 Records. Learn More
  95. INFRA RED - Metamorphosis

    INFRA RED - Metamorphosis


    Canadian House, Deep House label by Ron Allen and Hayden Andre Brown. True Toronto history; Strobe's first ever release from the decorated bossman Ron Allen and psyentific lab partner Hayden Andre. All versions are present in their 1991 glory; Hayden's bleep funk tech and Ron's housier takes on "Metamorphosis", the sci-fi synth feels and finger clicking funk of "Spectre" take Learn More
  96. DETBOI - Ice Cold EP (Pre Order: 26/01/18)

    DETBOI - Ice Cold EP (Pre Order: 26/01/18)


    Just like his 'Secrets' EP of last year, this latest instalment in Detboi's catalogue, entitled 'Ice Cold', merges elements of drum and bass, jungle, bass music, techno and more in exquisite fashion, quite simply like nobody else has done before. Learn More
  97. SEBA - Node 46 EP (Repress Due Soon)

    SEBA - Node 46 EP (Repress Due Soon)


    Out of stock

    The magical combo of Seba & Robert Manos head up the release with the Swedish producer also providing us with the dark and relentless title track on the other side. Two further digital bonus tracks complete an EP typical of Seba’s incredibly unique style, one that he’s so consistently built his reputation around. Learn More
  98. BANA HAFFAR - Matiere

    BANA HAFFAR - Matiere


    Bana Haffar is a West Coast electronic musician who explores live analogue performance. Her second release hosts two extended modular compositions and is one of a series from the US synth module manufacturers Make Noise, who have previously published recordings by Richard Devine, Alesandro Cortini, Keith Fullerton Whitman and more. Learn More
  99. Tuomo VAANANEN - A Small Flood

    Tuomo VAANANEN - A Small Flood


    Refreshingly sparse, nimbly dubbed techno-electronica and field recordings from Tuomo Väänänen, boss of Finland’s Ljudverket label. Learn More
  100. BLACK MERLIN - Archives

    BLACK MERLIN - Archives


    Black Merlin following up his Proto World EP on Berceuse Heroique with 2 x 12" of techno / EBM darkness. Learn More

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