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  1. ANTON KUBIKOV - Ten Days Past Acid

    ANTON KUBIKOV - Ten Days Past Acid


    Mayak's resident Anton Kubikov returns with a new very moody, percussive and melodic house track on A-side. for remix duties we invite Dubtil, who makes a complete rework, dark, pushy, but still very groovy. Learn More
  2. PREMIESKU - Other EP

    PREMIESKU - Other EP


    Minimal tech business new on Mulen records from Ukranian maestro Premiesku! Learn More
  3. MALESTROM - Alph4

    MALESTROM - Alph4


    Seven track mini LP from RAAR Records co-founder Malestrom Learn More
  4. BAUCH - Changes EP

    BAUCH - Changes EP


    Changes Trapped In The Circuit Cuhab Cuhab (Denis Kaznacheev remix) Learn More
  5. R²π - Library of Babel

    R²π - Library of Babel


    An atmospheric four track EP with absolutely killer sound design, especially in the low end, over slow rolling minimal drum beats. Learn More
  6. HENNING BAER - Shatterproof

    HENNING BAER - Shatterproof


    The debut album from head of Grounded Theory and MANHIGH; a continuation of his downcast, experimental interpretation of modern electronic music for which he's been subject to an abundance of critical acclamation Learn More



    2 x 12" LP from Philip Boss Learn More



    Oshana returns to Partisan with an immaculate transmission that fuses tough techno rhythms with head-twisting psychedelia. She’s on devastating form on this record, rolling out cosmically-inclined arpeggios, sci-fi FX sweeps, heavy pulsing pads and tones and crisp, unrelenting dancefloor rhythms. Learn More
  9. JANERET - Olympus Serie Partie 1 - Limited Hand Stamped

    JANERET - Olympus Serie Partie 1 - Limited Hand Stamped


    Tartouffe for its seventh release presents the first part of Olympus series by Janeret. Learn More
  10. VARIOUS - Formes 001

    VARIOUS - Formes 001


    Claque Music's introduction to the world of wax is something otherworldly; 8 tracks of warped deep house, magical minimal techno and concise tech house span two vinyls, allowing variety in textures, tones and moods. Learn More
  11. Various ‎– Anonymous Delusional Eros

    Various ‎– Anonymous Delusional Eros


    A killer 6 track EP full of pure mind benders for the excellent Berlin based imprint Nous. Learn More

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