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  1. LEVI LOVE -  Ashram

    LEVI LOVE - Ashram


    South African, Manchester-based Levi Love releases this deep single inspired by both his mentors, such as Theo Parish, and also inspired by his South African roots. These roots are further explored on the B Side, featuring vocals from Daddy Molete. Learn More
  2. MIX MUP - Clear Drive

    MIX MUP - Clear Drive


    Bouncing, 303 laced, Lo-Fi-ish techno. Pa Toppen on the B Side is huge. Learn More
  3. STP - The Fall Remixes [PANAMAX & SEELOW] (Pre Order: 01/02/19)

    STP - The Fall Remixes [PANAMAX & SEELOW] (Pre Order: 01/02/19)


    UK Garage, techno from The Final Experiment Learn More
  4. DJ SPORTS - Akrasia EP

    DJ SPORTS - Akrasia EP


    More deep jungle experiments from DJ Sports. Learn More
  5. VASE - Dorsal EP

    VASE - Dorsal EP


    INDEX:records is moonstruck to announce the 12” release DORSAL, by Berlin based artist, VASE. Dorsal is a genre bending output that combines the carefully layered sound of ambience with rhythmic ingenuity. The tracks Aviolet and Kinto balance in the eclectic Techno realm, with a nod to a time when IDM was taking form. Learn More
  6. PISTOL PETE - Orphan EP

    PISTOL PETE - Orphan EP


    It has been a good year for Idle Hands. The label reached its 50th release with a release from Livity Sound's Pev and November saw the release of Parris' latest 12' featuring a KMOS remix. For the labels final vinyl release of 2018 it is the turn of Stockholm's Pistol Pete. Idle Hands boss Chris Farrell has long been a fan of this artists work. He may not have put much out over the years but each Learn More
  7. GODDARD - Find Me EP (incl. SESSION VICTIM remix)

    GODDARD - Find Me EP (incl. SESSION VICTIM remix)


    Loz Goddard is next up on Church White with three hazy nuggets, alongside a remix from your fave house band Session Victim. Learn More
  8. Jerome HILL - Paper Bag Acid

    Jerome HILL - Paper Bag Acid


    Filthy Acid House with the vocal cuts guaranteed to freak you out. Learn More
  9. CARDOPUSHER - Muscle Memory

    CARDOPUSHER - Muscle Memory


    Hard-smacking claps and raw TB-303 sequences merge with robotic vocals, solid and perfect for dark dance floors. Learn More
  10. Pierre CODARIN - Pierre Codarin 006

    Pierre CODARIN - Pierre Codarin 006


    Deep and Dark Tech-Housey vibes from Pierre Cadrin. Learn More
  11. BERNAT - Buenviaje EP

    BERNAT - Buenviaje EP


    Awesome, trippy, minimal Tech-House (but genuinely good). Learn More
  12. PENYA - Super Liminal Remixed EP

    PENYA - Super Liminal Remixed EP


    Penya came through the door of 2018 with a bang. Their debut LP Super Liminal had been carefully guided by On the Corner having started the journey with a pair of conceptual cassette releases and remixes of a first single by Jose Marquez and DJ Khalab in 2016. Learn More
  13. DENNIS AYLER - Nobody But U (EP) (feat. TENDERLONIOUS)

    DENNIS AYLER - Nobody But U (EP) (feat. TENDERLONIOUS)


    Dennis Ayler’s 6 tracker of wonky jazzy house and broken beats, featuring Tenderlonious and Al Dobson Jr., back in stock for a limited time. The second release on 22a’s sister label Dennis Ayler Music. Learn More
  14. MALL GRAB - How The Dogs Chill Vol 1 EP

    MALL GRAB - How The Dogs Chill Vol 1 EP


    Mall Grab's back with another 4 thumping tracks. Released on his new label 'Looking For Trouble', every one on this record is sure to light up any dance floor. Learn More



    Art Vandelay is one of the last projects Marcus Intalex aka Trevino had ready for release before his untimely passing. Launching the Vandelay Industries label with an EP of cheeky, Chicago informed House music, VDI001 is another testament to Marcus Kaye's broad musical talents. Learn More
  16. CHAOS IN THE CBD - Global Erosion / Background Explorer

    CHAOS IN THE CBD - Global Erosion / Background Explorer


    "Global Erosion" sees long-time collaborator Isaac Aesili contribute horn hooks and live percussion to this truly deep and emotional journey. On the flip, "Background Explorer" turns up the heat with an 8 minute heads-down transcendental percussion and drum workout, the surging chords and rainforest calls forcing the head to follow the feet. Learn More
  17. VARIOUS - Selectors Assemble Volume Two

    VARIOUS - Selectors Assemble Volume Two


    Brand new year, brand new imprint. CoOp Presents is an all-new record label, founded by IG Culture and Alex Phountzi, set to focus on the depth and wealth of talent that exists within the London Bruk movement and beyond, a project which they consider to be a continuation in the same spirit of the legendary CoOp movement. Learn More
  18. VARIOUS - Zwei Jahre Sprechen (2 Years Of Sprechen) (Limited Edition Cassette) (Pre Order)

    VARIOUS - Zwei Jahre Sprechen (2 Years Of Sprechen) (Limited Edition Cassette) (Pre Order)


    2 years, 24 months & 730 hours of musical output is celebrated with the release of Zwei Jahre Sprechen aka 2 Years Of Sprechen! 8 brand new tracks from friends, colleagues & associates which dip a toe in an array of musical pools with sounds of house, disco, ambient & techno being just some of the corners in the shop. Learn More



    Long time collaborators Jason Letkiewicz and Nicholas Dawson colab on the A side with their improvised Confused House jam style. There off-the-cuff technique is subtle in its arrangement. STE-018 starts slow and expands with sublime patterns of melody and subtle drum fills. On the flip side, Bookworms’ STE-101 changes the mood. A droning bass signal lies beneath driving percussion and Learn More
  20. VARIOUS - An Introduction Part 3

    VARIOUS - An Introduction Part 3


    Over the past six years, Dimensions has become a leading name in the underground, with its festival, International Series, DJ Directory and Dimensions Soundsystem. Now, Dimensions extends its influence with the start of its label - Dimensions Recordings. The label launches with a 12-track compilation across three separate discs. ‘An Introduction’ makes a huge statement in setting out Learn More
  21. SAN ECO - San Eco / (DNCN remix) 7"

    SAN ECO - San Eco / (DNCN remix) 7"


    San Eco combines the unique approach of two music producers, one with a footing in innovative electronica, the other in bombastic indie pop. Five years in the making, their debut album ‘San Eco’ finds them mixing influences from Fela Kuti to Slint, Nathan Fake to R.E.M, into a delicate and emotive electronic alt rock treat. Learn More
  22. DJ SOTOFETT / VARIOUS - Drippin' For A Tripp (2 x LP)

    DJ SOTOFETT / VARIOUS - Drippin' For A Tripp (2 x LP)


    Honest Jon's return with another Quality release! This time from DJ Sotofett!! Filled with wicked Afrobeat / House vibes!! Learn More
  23. SOFA TALK - Echoes From The Southern Place (incl. K15 remix)

    SOFA TALK - Echoes From The Southern Place (incl. K15 remix)


    Two cuts of futuristic laid back machine funk, channeling chunky Juno keys, percussive rhythms and sweet flutters on the Rhodes. Backed up with a remix from K15, fresh from his work with Henry Wu and as Culross Close, who has retrofitted ‘Hypnotise’ with a mesmerising 2-step groove and dubbed out 8-bit garage FX! Lovingly pressed on 180g vinyl with sweet “crafty looking” hand stamped Learn More
  24. VARIOUS - Vol. 1 EP

    VARIOUS - Vol. 1 EP


    Anma Records launch their third release - a 12" various artists EP featuring artists from around the globe, each channelling their own brand of scuffed up, driving house and techno with smatterings of lush synths and and popping melodic structures.. Learn More
  25. NUBIAN MINDZ - Pulsing Heart

    NUBIAN MINDZ - Pulsing Heart


    London-born producer Colin Lindo aka Nubian Mindz is not your average predictable artist. You know his stuff's gonna be good, but there's a solid chance you'll be surprised with a thing or two in every track. Similar approach applies here. Generally speaking, the music is deep and rich, yet very direct and club ready, but with plenty of those unpredictable moments which made Learn More



    Phuture Shock Excursions round up four artists for the next ‘EXCURSIONS’ release, which like the maiden 12” is another four-track compilation of genre-bending sounds. Representing this instalment is the ever-prolific bass music trailblazer Colin Lindo, better known as Nubian Mindz, Phuture Shock Musik mainstay Roof Light - who returns following his initial contribution to PSMEX001 t Learn More
  27. HERBERT - Deeper EP

    HERBERT - Deeper EP


    Excellent Herbert reissue stripped from debut LP 100Ibls. Learn More
  28. SPOOKY-J - Limbo Yam / Pfer  EP

    SPOOKY-J - Limbo Yam / Pfer EP


    Spooky-J spearheads Blip Discs darkest, most outlandish and hands-on dispatch to date. The A side is most definitely a heads down floor mover with meditative sounds akin to early dubstep, whilst the flip finishes in complete style with 808 infused DnB - two genres rarely seen together on a record, but held together superbly by Spooky-J’s unbelievable live percussion work. Nerds and geeks Learn More
  29. CHAOS IN THE CBD - Invisible Spectrum EP

    CHAOS IN THE CBD - Invisible Spectrum EP


    South London favourites Chaos in the CBD come back to Rhythm Section International one year after their breakthrough EP ‘Midnight in Peckham’. The original EP captured a moment in time in a way few songs can manage. It was hailed as a masterpiece, capturing the attention of all who listened, as evidenced by the unquenchable demand for the 12”. Learn More
  30. DADA CANTONA - Canal / CONTOURS - The Dada Loop (7")

    DADA CANTONA - Canal / CONTOURS - The Dada Loop (7")


    For Fly High’s Society’s first excursion into the vinyl realm, they call on two crew members to deliver a double A side of surefire dancefloor weapons. On one side is the debut physical release from Dada Cantona, with a heavy tropical workout that wastes no time in leaping into its full throttle percussive backbone. This is Bahia meets Bradford, a high energy, high tempo blend of carnival rhythms Learn More



    The first release from Iridite in 8 years sees them returning to their roots with a multi artist release of Glasgow House and Techno at its finest. Check! Learn More
  32. NURVE - Cabana EP

    NURVE - Cabana EP


    The mysterious Nurve follows up on his Tectonic debut, originally released back in 2014, with 4 crunching darkside cuts, conjuring the spirits of Ed Rush & Optical circa late 90's, to appear here in a techno form. Learn More
  33. WU15 - WU15 EP

    WU15 - WU15 EP


    Two of Londons most exciting new producers join forces for a collaborative, self titled, 4 track EP. A seriously heavy weight release featuring house, broken, hip hop and soul living harmoniously under one roof (as it always did). Learn More
  34. DEGO & KAIDI - EP 2

    DEGO & KAIDI - EP 2


    After a recent excursion on Theo Parrish's Sound Signature label these two pioneering legends of UK music return to Eglo Records for another heavyweight jaunt through broken house and boogie. Ep opener Black Is Key has already been making noise throughout the underground and the rest are set to do the same, another stone cold classic! Artwork by Sassy J. Learn More
  35. PEARSON SOUND - Pearson Sound (CD)

    PEARSON SOUND - Pearson Sound (CD)


    Hessle Audio are excited to announce the release of the self-titled debut album by Pearson Sound, aka label co-head David Kennedy. Characteristically minimalist in approach, its nine tracks use a handful of elements to craft mesmerising, self-contained worlds, alive with motion Learn More
  36. JUNES - Root Pattern EP

    JUNES - Root Pattern EP


    Galdoors announces its 5th release, from label boss Junes. After a run of successful EPs featuring artists such as Elgato, Leif and Audio Werner, young UK producer Junes steps up with three diverse cuts that push forward the label's emerging sound. Learn More



    Emanative's Over E.P. is the first in a series of three collaborative E.Ps. On this excursion he is joined by the forces of Earl Zinger and Rocketnumbernine. Patrick Forge sums up this project perfectly, "Dark, brooding in a Moodymann meets Art Ensemble of Chicago kind of way" which matches On The Corner Records desire to bring the depths of Chicago, Detroit and afro percussion and jazz up through the basements of London. The audio alchemists on this wax hypnotize with a phonic fusion of heady hypnotic hoodoo that is Learn More
  38. Djrum - Seven Lies LP (3 x CLEAR / RED VINYL REPRESS) (Pre Order : 1/2/2019)

    Djrum - Seven Lies LP (3 x CLEAR / RED VINYL REPRESS) (Pre Order : 1/2/2019)


    2nd Drop Records release ‘Seven Lies’, the debut album by Felix Manuel aka Djrum (pronounced “Drum”). Its sounds are inspired by the rawness of urban London, influences of Portishead, DJ Shadow and The Cinematic Orchestra, jungle, minimal techno, classic house, broken beat – all seamlessly segued with a nod to jazz vinyl and film music. Fans will recognise Djrum’s iconic tropes on ‘Seven Lies’: widescreen atmospheres, dub chords, dusty and melancholic strings, obscure film samples. But this time its spread over a bigger, more luxurious canvas that dips like an undulating terrain of sound; techno troughs, bumpy hip hop breaks, euphoric drum and bass, all filtered through the Djrum node. Felix would admit himself he is a not a prolific producer. Preferring to craft and hone, often allowing music to mutate and diverge down different paths, his tracks often top the 8-9 min marks in length. However, each track is never at risk of becoming staid or boring, quite the opposite as ideas mutate and evolve, subtle differences and nuances are evoked and explored. Inspired by the sounds of Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel radio show, Oxford born/London based Felix became involved with the free party scene and helped set up the seminal Yardcore nights in 2005. A night of wild extremes, it swept from acts as diverse as Hellfish, Andy Stott, Breakage and Various Production in one night. An aesthetic he still faithfully adheres to in his all-vinyl DJ sets, a seamless blend of techno, garage, dancehall, hip hop, old-school hardcore and jungle. Just as the dominant dubstep scene was in a painful, if fertile, transitionary period in 2010, Felix made his production debut as Djrum with 12” singles on the On the Edge and Smokin Sessions labels. This would ultimately provide him with the perfect platform for his own hybrid sound. A sound that instead of reflecting the brash energy of his DJ style, turned inwards, almost ingesting and metabolising those sounds to create an introspective and more sensitive and tactile crossbreed. The 2nd Drop label were lucky enough to pick up on his latent talent, drafting him to remix the wonderful lament ‘Explode’ by LV and Message To Bears ft Zaki Ibrahim, to widespread acclaim. In 2011 the ‘Mountains EP’ followed. A four track suite of music that captured the imagination of many: Francois K, Gilles Peterson, Craig Richards, Berlin’s highly respected T++, and featured in end of year charts across the board. The 3rd part of the ‘Mountains EP’ came the following year – as ‘Watermark’ b/w ‘The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn (Undercoat Pt2)’ – completing an epic body of music and setting up the realization of ‘Seven Lies’, this highly accomplished debut long player. a Djrum - Obsession b1 Djrum - Anchors (Feat. Shadowbox) b2 Djrum - Comos Los Cerdos c Djrum - Dam d Djrum - Arcana (Do I Need You) e1 Djrum - Lies (Feat. Shadowbox) e2 Djrum - Honey f1 Djrum - Arcana (Coda) f2 Djrum - Thank You Learn More

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