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DARK DIVISION - Parallel Structures

Catalog Number: HT002

Label: Hidden Tapes

Format: Vinyl


Release Type: EP

Genre: Techno, Experimental, Recommendations,

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DARK DIVISION - Parallel Structures

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Gazing intensely into the lunar circumference pupils adjust to coruscating light. Like night vision laser through a crystalline lens, left eye separate from right. On one side a window with transparent view, nectars from eleven lifetimes past. Adjacent, the analytic implant for evolution of order, a left socket plug for the corpus performer. Night’s sky doubled in presence of two moons, dimensional existence of separate worlds in conjunction with Dark Division quanta. A mirror projection for Parallel Structures , physics of consciousness lived through eyes of independent make up.
Anomalon |Brahman Implicate Order|
The physical nothing nourishing the uncanny something conjuring past realities spiraling Nirvana’s turbine awaiting the moment to be spewed from its union. Pivoting
blots of dust ricocheting off the event horizon hurling onward against the cosmic stream flow where deadly stellar black holes collapse violently and burn out to be reborn into neutron star or white dwarf new core. Orbiting cosmogony of morphing bodies in a holding cell of fire and gas waiting to ionize into the sacred doorway of the alchemist eye. A shape shift vision geometrizing three-dimensional polyhedrons propagating and repressing shade and illumination congruent and bound by the finite cosmic chain.
Anomalon |Maya Illusion Explicate Order - Retina.it rmx|
Spun in the web of sub atomic particles, uncanny illusion pull from magnetic field of zero probability, morphing into fabrics of what appears to be virtual imagery. Transmission frequencies pulsating concentric circles deviating black and white. Electromagnetic waves transmitted and received through the retina’s optical lens, bending, reflecting and skewing light until rendered invisible. Hacking into the spacetime
continuum like dynamic current for spatial augmented biomechanical system development, control trigger engaged and oculus drawn. Points in time plot like a mathematic line extending with no end where mental files are pulled up then cast like film on four-dimensional projection.
Archetype of Convulsionnaire
Clandestine in the cemetery at Saint-Médard corpse de Pâris lie resting shroud in conjure. Closed fisted Lady Marie Rose raps upon the stone cold tomb shedding blood pure as virgin lamb over the altar of God. “Curator of souls, feast this blood free from consequence." Torrent floods falling viciously from dead night sky, voices of history tales whispered faintly in winds passing. Hung in the noose of fate’s twist, as though fallen from grace there appears a man of suavity and dashing decorum. The dark Lord drifts towards, piercing her soul with glaring black magic eyes seducing like a masonic potentate reaping life from living to nourish the dead. “Come my Lady.” He took her by the milk white hand and pulled her into moonlight chaos. Riding out flood tides erupting white heat in synchronicity the Lady Rose transcends, but when she opened her eyes to ask Loves name the man was there no
more. Her heart filled with lost desire as the ambience grew dreary and vanished into moment’s rhythm.
Apocalyptic Potential
Halted abruptly and smacked with a blow obliterating senses into convoluted impairment, spindle threading the mind, tilting vision, drowning the soul inside itself. Vertigo closing in as balance disorder triggers a pure tone frequency hum around the skull. Myriad of thoughts burst from one degree of consciousness to the next triggering blast waves of recollected events buried deep within repression. A big bang into lush, green unspoiled landscapes of Arcadia where savage nobility transform to a higher state in freedom. Under spell of Mother Nature’s wild and hedonistic temperament naked souls surrender all guard to fierce passion proportionate solar plasma in heliocentric revolution of the heavenly spheres. Glaring and explicit as written stars upon clear night’s sky entangled in unbroken wholeness, the cryptic paradox straddling two realities in parallel structure. Like a territorial cat scoping its prey the alchemist king guards divinity as though it were bearing the apple to evil’s eye. In this tree camouflage amidst wild, the apocalyptic fruit grow lush, awaiting the moment to be sinfully devoured.

Anomalon (Brahman Implicate Order)
Anomalon (Maya Illusion Implicate Order - Retina It remix)
Archetype Of Convulsionnaire
Apocalyptic Potential
DARK DIVISION - Parallel Structures
  • Anomalon (Brahman Implicate Order)
  • Anomalon (Maya Illusion Implicate Order - Retina It remix)
  • Archetype Of Convulsionnaire
  • Apocalyptic Potential

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Label Hidden Tapes
Format Vinyl
Back to date No

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