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  1. ESS - Capsule Collection (Pre Order)

    ESS - Capsule Collection (Pre Order)


    ESS - Sometimes we need to revisit the past to discover the future. That's why we are so happy to present the incredible Electronic Speech Systems 'Capsule Collection' (by Dublin's electro modular warrior DeFeKT). A selection of his finest works from his three only releases in 2011 on 'New Flesh', 'Takeover Recordings' & 'AC Records' have been remastered to form an electro tour de force. Learn More
  2. QUAN - Thixotropy EP

    QUAN - Thixotropy EP


    Indigenous Electronic is proud to present for its third release: 'THIXOTROPY EP', produced and recorded by 'Quan'. Starting out from more of a conventional musical platform; Quan in recent years turned his attention to live performance, and by 2018 had already played two Boiler Rooms in his native Vietnam. In addition to recording and performing live, Quan has begun a parallel journey in building his own eurorack modules some of which were used on this debut vinyl release of his. Learn More
  3. JAIME READ - The End Of

    JAIME READ - The End Of


    UK veteran producer Jaime Read was the one to kick off For Those That Knoe back in 2013 with his LHAS alias, and now he's back on the archival house and techno label with some more stunning machine soul from the vaults. These tracks are lifted from his 1997 album "The End Of The Beginning", and they're steeped in the glorious exploratory nature of '90s techno programming, when the focus was on pushing the potential for expression through the machines. Learn More
  4. VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Belligerents Vol 1

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Belligerents Vol 1


    In 3 years DJ Nephil has taken Gravitational Waves into the contemporary dance music paradigm with tenacity. Nephil has built Gravitational Waves into a formidable entity and the culmination of this effort brings results with his latest EP. Here the label continues in powerful form with 6 cuts of raw metallic persuasion, enlisting veteran producers Nick Klein and Enrique as well as debuting new talents in Mike Tansella Jr. Learn More
  5. DANNY DAZE / DEFEKT - Pulmotor

    DANNY DAZE / DEFEKT - Pulmotor


    Danny Daze & DeFeKT cybernetically collaborate on this EP finalizing into two fierce electro tracks. Also includes two exclusive locked grooves which are so good you dont want them to stop!!. Learn More
  6. 214 - Submanouvers

    214 - Submanouvers


    Seattle's Chris Roman returns after his amazing release on little sister label Harbour City Sorrow. Again he drops his signature Miami rooted beats for an EP that will make any floor rock. Sculpting hi-tech electronica with loud pads, big strings and precise rhythm programming. The Submanouvers EP is no sissy copycat electro but a powerful record with his own unique signature style. Two Fourteen is no joke!! Learn More



    French trio Empire State bring their sophomore release to Veyl in the form of 'B.R.U.', a scorching hot noholds- barred 6-tracker full of kicks to the face, fermented lyrics and monumental riffs. Post-punk, postindustrial, post-apocalyptic and post-everything else, if tracks like 'Cuntworms' and 'Blow' don't get you hyped we don't know what will. For fans of Suicide, Powell, Giant Swan. Learn More
  8. REPTANT - Freq Accident

    REPTANT - Freq Accident


    The latest glassy-eyed, mind-altering missive on Sophie Sweetland's Planet Euphorique imprint comes courtesy of Reptant, the self-styled "known associate and suspected leader of the Lizard Tech Militia" (in reality, it's an alias of LKR Records boss Lucas "Lou" Karsh). It's a rather fine EP all told, with the reptilian machine freak brilliantly combining elements of punchy beat-box electro, dreamy ambient house, psychedelic ambient techno and mind-altering early '90s IDM. Learn More
  9. SCHWEFELGELB - Wie Die Finger Durch Den Nebel

    SCHWEFELGELB - Wie Die Finger Durch Den Nebel


    Sid, Eddy, Nyx and Hal together make up the notorious Schwefelgelb act, a brash, noisy but ultimately fell-good electro-techno band with a gritty, below-the-radar kinda feel. For example, "Bis Zum Nachsten Tag" is a banger with a dicing bassline that can easily be enjoyed by any sort of dance DJ, and the same goes for "Balancier Dich" - a hell of a techno slicer. "Da Konnte" diversifies into a deep, more tribalistic sort of percussion that'll appeal to heads. Learn More
  10. SHINOBY / DMX - Loneliness Is A Special Place

    SHINOBY / DMX - Loneliness Is A Special Place





    The quadruple rostok Rostok is the answer to the question of whether a local electronic dance album or EP in a world-wide trendy electronic music scene or EP was issued. The young record label Salvesta was able to do quite a lot in 2018. For an obscure label with a stylistic trend somewhere between electro, ambient, and alternative dance music Learn More



    Matt Whitehead needs no introduction here on Super Rhythm Trax and for this outing, he's joined by No Data Available (fresh from a recent outing on Null & Void) and together they've come up with something super special. 'Sahara' and 'Temple Of Set' conjure strong images that match their respective titles with the mood alternating between majestic and mystical. Learn More
  13. POISON - Poison

    POISON - Poison


    POISON is the collaborative project of producers DJ Plead and T.Morimoto. On this debut self titled EP, the artists contemplate their mixed Lebanese and Japanese heritages through a dense combination of digital emulations and rhythmic patterns. POISON investigate the uncanny abstraction whereby centuries old instruments and rhythmic patterns are encoded into files and presets; digital synths, heavy subs, 808s, and vocals from collaborator ARZ. Learn More
  14. NIGHTWAVE / JEROME HILL - Psychic Tonic

    NIGHTWAVE / JEROME HILL - Psychic Tonic


    Following on from the last DEXT Limited release by Otik & Dead Mans Chest we're kicking off 2019 in fine style with another limited 10' Vinyl cut with the same ethos as the previous release's , 1 rave banger with a killer remix on the flipside. This time we have invited Glasgow's party starter and long-time label supporter Nightwave to join the crew and it seems like she has been here all along. Learn More
  15. DETROIT'S FILTHIEST - Private Stock (Pre Order)

    DETROIT'S FILTHIEST - Private Stock (Pre Order)


    Trans World Railways is the new international series curated by the Casa Voyager crew. First stop in motor city, with legend Detroit's Filthiest. Born in Baghdad, Iraq & Raised in Detroit, Michigan, he is one of the originators of the ghetto tech sound in the early 90's. He delivers once again 4 fresh electro trax full of funk and builds the 212 - 313 connection. Learn More
  16.  SONAR BASE - Sonar Bases 4-10

    SONAR BASE - Sonar Bases 4-10


    From the 1997 U-Trax website: "Frank de Groodt attacks with a flabbergasting 70 minutes of pure and very deep electrofunk and techno. This double album takes techno-bass and techno another step further, combining powerful techno-beats and electro-funk riddims with the deepest strings and out-of-this-world atmospheres. Promos have been circulating for a while now and the reactions and reviews are raving! Because of the ultimate mix of four-on-the-floor tracks and funky bass-tracks, this collection of 8 tracks fits the demands of every up-front DJ with balls (m/f). At the same time, this album is designed to give you auditive orgasms when listening to it with your headphones on. Buy your own personal outer-space Sonar Base, you can't afford to miss it! This sensational 2-disc set comes in a specially designed state-of-the-art multi vinyl sleeve." Learn More
  17. XY0815 - Exahertz (12")

    XY0815 - Exahertz (12")


    Leipzig’s XY0815 presses forth a sci fi-styled electro mission with London’s Brokntoys Drifting from a melancholy synotscapes, Cygonic System, to the moody stepper, Tool Matter and furtive bleeps in End Of Your Orbit, then following his hunch into the dubbed-out Octagon X and the darkly romantic themes of Pseudo Bavaria. Learn More
  18. GLYN HENDRY - Escape Club 99 (Pre Order)

    GLYN HENDRY - Escape Club 99 (Pre Order)


    Debut release by newcomer Glyn Hendry on Overmono's Poly Kicks label. Learn More
  19. KHALAB - Black Noise Remixed  (12") (Pre Order: 04/02/19)

    KHALAB - Black Noise Remixed (12") (Pre Order: 04/02/19)


    Hieroglyphic Being dominates the dancefloor with his 10 min sweater. Afrikan Sciences launch off from Khalab’s afrocentric soundscapes into a futuristic cosmos. Blood, Wine or Honey strip it back, break it down and leave bassments trembling with the weighty jungle blows. Learn More
  20. TELL HER - Neural

    TELL HER - Neural


    Dark, hard hitting techno from local label 'Obscure Unfound' from Yorkshire. Learn More
  21. THE HACKER - Lost & Found EP (Pre Order : 01/03/19)

    THE HACKER - Lost & Found EP (Pre Order : 01/03/19)


    Re-release alert! Remastered version of a valuable electro must have! Learn More



    Word Drow Owdr Rowd Learn More
  23. VARIOUS - Palette EP

    VARIOUS - Palette EP


    Owen Jay's Batti Batti label has carried a great selection of various artists releases throughout its back catalogue, and the tradition continues with this latest missive. The Palette EP kicks off with the ever-rising talents of Jayson Wynters, who plies a seductive strain of deep house on "Sherella's Kiss" that melts perfectly into the blissful, twinkling keys and gossamer percussion of Duccio's "Absurdation". Learn More
  24. ASOK - To Think I Hesitated

    ASOK - To Think I Hesitated


    Off-club, tribal, 90's northern deepness from Liverpool producer & Lobster fave ASOK. A trip into the mind, body and soul. Learn More
  25. PHOTONZ - Etheric Body Music

    PHOTONZ - Etheric Body Music


    Etheric Body Music is Photonz’s debut 6-track EP for Dark Entries and a simultaneous reference to hermeticism and EBM (Electronic Body Music). Marco loves that “aesthetic when 80s industrial and EBM bands split up and start to make trance in the early 90s and all the ritual magick pushes them to zen stuff and they do ecstasy.” Learn More
  26. BERNAT - Buenviaje EP

    BERNAT - Buenviaje EP


    Awesome, trippy, minimal Tech-House (but genuinely good). Learn More
  27. Hector OAKS - As We Were Saying

    Hector OAKS - As We Were Saying


    Taking inspiration from his marathon sets in Bassiani’s second floor, Höroom, and the 11th of May in Tbilisi, the techno staple crafted his own take on contemporary dance music. “As We Were Saying” is an unapologetic collection of heartfelt, powerful techno. Crafted by a vinyl lover for dancing purposes, its arrangement and composition fits both, club or as an energizing home listening. Learn More
  28. RINGS AROUND SATURN - Rings Around Saturn (2xLP)

    RINGS AROUND SATURN - Rings Around Saturn (2xLP)


    Double LP from Rings Around Saturn with massive electro on every side. Ranging from chilled, down tempo to hectic thumpers. Learn More
  29. AM KINEM - Hallo Welt

    AM KINEM - Hallo Welt


    Lo-Fi, Deep Electro from Am Kinem. All recorded on a 4-track tape machine. Learn More
  30. LIFE IN SODOM - The Stains (12")

    LIFE IN SODOM - The Stains (12")


    Brooding, electro synth pop, with killer remixes. Learn More
  31. CS & KREME - Cold Shoulder

    CS & KREME - Cold Shoulder


    Atmospheric, downtempo electro with a jazzy B side. Learn More
  32. FRENCH DISSIDENTS - Elektro Diktators Vol 1 (12")

    FRENCH DISSIDENTS - Elektro Diktators Vol 1 (12")


    Electro EP, filled with smashers. Learn More
  33. VARIOUS ARTISTS - Continuum 3: Fluctus

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Continuum 3: Fluctus


    Marking its ten-year anniversary Dynamic Reflection is set to release Continuum, a collection of five uniquely intertwined EP’s. The special series commemorates the label’s roots, evolution and establishment and honors its residents and friends. Learn More
  34. SEBO K - Stories We Tell Ourselves EP

    SEBO K - Stories We Tell Ourselves EP


    Hugely varied EP from Sebo K, going from dark and gloomy electro to ambient to rave and back to ambient. Learn More
  35. TRIPEO / CADANS / THE LEAP - Synergy EP



    A vinyl split unevenly between three artists with Tripeo taking the lead role, featuring three times out of the four tracks. Learn More
  36. DATAWAVE - Datawave

    DATAWAVE - Datawave


    Some finely tuned electro coming from Manchester label Natural Sciences for Datawave's second release on the label. Expect snappy percussion, etherial pads and fat basslines. Learn More
  37. RONNY NYHEIM - Multisensory Integration

    RONNY NYHEIM - Multisensory Integration


    Deep siren & straight to the groove Techno by Ronny Nyheim on new Norwegian outlet PsyPal. Full A-side with a minimally modulating solid driver emphasizing sonic tunnelling below razor sharp hi-hats. B1 is a faster pounding & psycho-tweeked remix by E-GZR (from Wania fame) and B2 rounds off as a saturated banger conflicting melody & lightly grooving harmonic & padded noise. Stylistically functional & very real! Learn More



    Supremely deft hypnorhythms and entrancing electronics from Riccardo Schiró, making strong moves on his Gravity Graffiti label, who have previously turned out goodies by Soichi Terada and Marcello Napoletano, a.o. RIYL Shackleton, Burnt Friedman, Don’t DJ or YPY. Learn More
  39. HAIDER - Do What You Love...

    HAIDER - Do What You Love...


    Out of stock

    Breaker Breaker head honcho Haider steps out from behind the scenes with a 3 track EP encompassing his broad tastes in dance music. “Do What You Love…” is the first of two EP’s that will lead into his album due early 2019. credits Learn More
  40. T++ - Wireless

    T++ - Wireless


    Torsten Profrock’s T++ project has continued to spread its wings since conception in 2005. Advocated by fans of techno, dubstep, Learn More
  41. LNS - Recons One

    LNS - Recons One


    LNS' self-released six tracker mixes excellent electro impulses with sturdy leftfield. Imagine a PCB board soldered with a crafted hand, finely shaped metallic, solidly sequenced connections where every single element has a saying for its entirety. Compositions are tight, filled with two types of rhythms - snappy & booming as well as deeply induced. Comes with an E-GZR remix & mixdown. Learn More
  42. DCAST DYNAMICS - The Giant Returns

    DCAST DYNAMICS - The Giant Returns


    Hiding behind the enigmatic Dcast Dynamics moniker is Miami based Shad T. Scott., also known as Gosub. Learn More
  43. VARIOUS ‎– Stilleben 051

    VARIOUS ‎– Stilleben 051


    Swedish electro legend Luke Eargoggle presents the latest exploits of his beloved Stilleben imprint with four dystopian aqua-funk exercises, recruiting four of the finest producers along the way. Learn More
  44. VARIOUS - FTP004

    VARIOUS - FTP004


    The first release from Erotek in 15 years, he joins the FTP family, along with DJ Nasty aka Detroit’s Filthiest. Other heat on this heavy electro comp is coming from artists from Frankfurt, Ukraine, and Texas. Learn More
  45. JEREMIAH R - Visions Of Vega

    JEREMIAH R - Visions Of Vega


    Jeremiah R takes you beyond outside our atmosphere and creates his very own. Learn More
  46. DâM-FUNK - DJ-Kicks (2 x LP)

    DâM-FUNK - DJ-Kicks (2 x LP)


    Dâm-Funk gives us his DJ Kicks opus on the independent record label !K7 Records. Learn More



    Following their appearance on Dimensions Recordings’ debut release, the three part compilation ‘An Introduction’, with the twisted ‘Crosstalk’, London Modular Alliance step up to the plate with their first full EP for the label. Learn More
  48. JACK PEOPLES - Laptop Cafe EP

    JACK PEOPLES - Laptop Cafe EP


    On the heels of the two ''The Other People Place'' releases in the early 2000's another related mini album was already in the works. It never saw the light of day due to James Stinson's untimely death. Finally it resurfaced on a long lost DAT tape. Learn More
  49. ERP (CONVEXTION) - New Road 7"

    ERP (CONVEXTION) - New Road 7"


    E.R.P Returns with another wicked release!! This time on Tuppence!! Learn More
  50. KRAFTWERK - Autobahn

    KRAFTWERK - Autobahn


    An epic ode to the joys of highway travel, Autobahn wraps a mesmerizing beat around a sampled collage of car horns, engine noise, whirring tires and radio crackle so infectious that US pop press at the time declares that Kraftwerk's music does for driving what the Beach Boys has done for surfing! The impact of this album is so strong that Spin magazine includes it in their list of 15 Learn More
  51. SOLITARY DANCER - Paradise Found

    SOLITARY DANCER - Paradise Found


    We're absolutely riveted to see that Midland's Graded imprint is back on track, and doing what it does best. The man himself released an EP on his label not too long ago, but this new single by newcomer Solitary Dancer is the first by an outside artist. Of course, it's very much in line with the sort of broken, skeletal techno of the label head, and "Desire & Apathy" is an awesome piece of jagged drumming, while the following "Locked Groove" parts 1 and 2 offer some evil drum tooling. Learn More
  52. NOCHEXXX -  Plot Defender (2 x LP)

    NOCHEXXX - Plot Defender (2 x LP)


    Dave Henson has been producing electronic music on the fringes of any discernible scene since the late 90s, operating outside of the boundaries of good taste and slowly formulating his own very particular sound. Since 2010 he’s been recording as Nochexxx, and firing the influence of vintage electro and early bleep techno through an arsenal of barely-working gear to result on a sound that’s a grubby as Wolf Eyes but with the unmistakable slap of late ‘80s Detroit. Learn More

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