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    Discernible Records returns with a new ep following their first dark debut, “Messenger Ep” produced by “Machine Interactor”. The Manchester duo bring to the record an amazing techno journey, consisting of four tracks with a combination of different textures, moods, rhythms, emotional values that are explored and experimented with machines. They create a state where interacting with Learn More
  2. BLNDR - Les Fantomes De La Cote EP

    BLNDR - Les Fantomes De La Cote EP


    Stunning ambient EP from BLNDR with some wicked remixes on the B Side. Learn More
  3. Hector OAKS - As We Were Saying

    Hector OAKS - As We Were Saying


    Taking inspiration from his marathon sets in Bassiani’s second floor, Höroom, and the 11th of May in Tbilisi, the techno staple crafted his own take on contemporary dance music. “As We Were Saying” is an unapologetic collection of heartfelt, powerful techno. Crafted by a vinyl lover for dancing purposes, its arrangement and composition fits both, club or as an energizing home listening. Learn More
  4. A SACRED GEOMETRY - Chapter V



    Awesome, Industrial Techno from ASG in their fifth release. First 2 tracks are both heavy and ethereal, but the final track finishes with atmospheric, ambient bliss. Learn More
  5. RIDE - Waking Up In Another Town: Weather Diaries Remixed (2 x LP)

    RIDE - Waking Up In Another Town: Weather Diaries Remixed (2 x LP)


    Huge 2xLP compilation of remixes of shoegaze band, Ride, songs that came out for Record Store Day 2018. (Stomping techno from Barker & Baumecker on side C) Learn More
  6. D'MARC CANTU - That Love You Feel

    D'MARC CANTU - That Love You Feel


    Awesome 6 track euro-techno EP with plenty of dark, gloomy cuts and squelchy 303. Learn More
  7. VARIOUS ARTISTS - My House Is Not Your House III

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - My House Is Not Your House III


    Huge compilation from Acido ranging from Ambient to Experimental to Acid to Funk. Learn More
  8. PARANORMAN - The Source Fusion

    PARANORMAN - The Source Fusion


    Break beat-y, polyrhythmic techno from Paranorman with some rave chucked in on the B side. Learn More
  9. DISTANT ECHOES - Heritable Traits

    DISTANT ECHOES - Heritable Traits


    Dark and gloomy techno from Distant Echoes' 3rd EP of the year. Learn More
  10. RADIAL - Tympana (2x12")

    RADIAL - Tympana (2x12")


    Trance-y, minimal techno in a double LP from Radial. Learn More



    Experimental double EP techno from the duo SHXCXCHCXSH coming in a gatefold sleeve. Learn More
  12. RONNY NYHEIM - Multisensory Integration

    RONNY NYHEIM - Multisensory Integration


    Deep siren & straight to the groove Techno by Ronny Nyheim on new Norwegian outlet PsyPal. Full A-side with a minimally modulating solid driver emphasizing sonic tunnelling below razor sharp hi-hats. B1 is a faster pounding & psycho-tweeked remix by E-GZR (from Wania fame) and B2 rounds off as a saturated banger conflicting melody & lightly grooving harmonic & padded noise. Stylistically functional & very real! Learn More
  13. BLUSH RESPONSE - Abuse Your Freedom

    BLUSH RESPONSE - Abuse Your Freedom


    Blush Response is the latest artist up on aufnahme + wiedergabe, expect thumping kick drums, snapping snares on the off beat, distorted textures and relentless acidic lines on this one. Learn More
  14. MARTYN - Voids (2 x LP + MP3)

    MARTYN - Voids (2 x LP + MP3)


    During the past year, the Dutch-born and now Washington DC-based producer Martyn underwent a metamorphosis - one that began with a medical emergency and culminated in a personal-musical transformation. Learn More
  15. PHILUS - Kolmio

    PHILUS - Kolmio


    Philus (mika vainio) - Kolmio EP More absolutely killer, rare as hens teeth minimalism from the undisputed master of the genre - Mika Vainio. Kolmio is nothing short of a masterclass in pristine minimalism that sounds clearly like a pre-cursor not only to the precise tone arrangements of Alva.Noto but also to the bleep-driven reduced Techno of Hawtin, Sleeparchive et al. Big tip! Learn More
  16. ACIDUPDUB - Longhorn Beetle EP

    ACIDUPDUB - Longhorn Beetle EP


    Zodiak Commune Records continues the Insectum serie with a brand new EP from Acidupdub called “Longhorn Beetle”. He specially made this 4-tracker in various styles of techno and acid. Learn More
  17. CYSPE - After This World EP

    CYSPE - After This World EP


    Sounds produced by the machines of the future, for inhabitants of a cloud society. Cyspe paints electronic, deep atmospheres inspired by nature, cybernetics and architecture. This EP on Rhythm Buro- one of the lynchpins of Kiev's burgeoning techno scene- showcases the Berliner's sound over 4 lush tracks. Big tip. Learn More
  18. MALESTROM - Alph4

    MALESTROM - Alph4


    Out of stock

    Seven track mini LP from RAAR Records co-founder Malestrom Learn More
  19. VON GRALL - Infinitum LP

    VON GRALL - Infinitum LP


    What originally began as a 4 track EP bloomed into an 8 track debut album that sees Von Grall expand his style beyond the muscular but hazy rhythmic mist he has become known for. Infinitum wanders confidently into new ground for Von Grall and cements him as a versatile and singular voice in Techno. Learn More



    STAUB, a collective who started throwing parties 5 years ago in ://about blank, are back for their third instalment. In line with their no name policy for their parties, STAUB do not announce the names of the producers on their releases. Learn More
  21. VARIOUS -  Envisioned Disorder

    VARIOUS - Envisioned Disorder


    ABYSS Recordings debut vinyl release Envisioned Disorder features Rommek, Yuji Kondo, Snitch and Michal Jablonski. Learn More
  22. JULIAN STETTER - Another

    JULIAN STETTER - Another


    Six slices of evocative narrative-rich electronic soul inspired by his on-going international experiences on the road; loaded with poignant introspection, thunderous rumbles and playful theatrics, the EP is bookended by two versions of 'Chorus', a vision of scorching hope and lift that can seize a full floor's attention in seconds and full live up to the track's title, message and meaning. Learn More
  23.  NICHOLAS - Lonnie's Reprise

    NICHOLAS - Lonnie's Reprise


    The six tracks on offer are closer to the usual Church sound - think dusty, hazy, sample-heavy deep house with clear jazz influences - tha the producer's previous work. Learn More
  24. BYLLY - Chineurs de Techno

    BYLLY - Chineurs de Techno


    Introducing young Polish producer : BYLLY who shows us all his talent with this banging mental techno EP. Ear splitting synths, mental drums patterns and strong atmosphere. Chineurs de techno is about discovering new techno talents : Bylly is the perfect exemple of this fresh wave coming from Eastern Europe. Learn More
  25. COMPANY - Prosody

    COMPANY - Prosody


    Stomping & evolving techno cuts. Learn More
  26. MARCO SHUTTLE - Oscillate EP

    MARCO SHUTTLE - Oscillate EP


    Label owner Marco Shuttle brings about an other-worldy release for the 12th chapter in Eerie's releases. Learn More
  27. BERABER - Sun Ritual EP

    BERABER - Sun Ritual EP


    The third release for La Freund Recordings comes from Amsterdam resident Beraber. Consisting of four strong and diverse tracks and a jazzy, piano-heavy remix by Chicago House legend Vincent Floyd, Sun Ritual works just as well in the club as it does at home. Learn More
  28. ANTENNA - Alesis

    ANTENNA - Alesis


    Antenna crafts an exciting EP with a retrospective 90's feel, combining etherial pads over pulsing drum patterns to create a techno sound oozing with warmth. Learn More



    Raw Acid Techno excursions. Learn More
  30. SAM KDC - Feardom EP

    SAM KDC - Feardom EP


    Longtime Samurai and Horo label artist Sam KDC makes his first solo appearance on the newly relaunched Horo label with Feardom - an EP that follows on perfectly from his ‘Psychic Dirt’ EP for Samurai Red Seal. With the track Templar’ from ‘Psychic Dirt’ standing as one of the most important tunes of the ‘Grey Area’ sound as mastered by Sam and ASC, this new EP’s title track ’Feardom’ follows Learn More
  31. ALEX SEIDEL - Schwarz 12 EP

    ALEX SEIDEL - Schwarz 12 EP


    Killer techno release by Alex Seidel on new imprint Schwarz 12!! Learn More
  32. M ZALLA aka PIERO UMILIANI - Produzione (Pre Order: 29/03/17)

    M ZALLA aka PIERO UMILIANI - Produzione (Pre Order: 29/03/17)


    Minimal techno / house vibes on this killer release from M Zalla aka Piero Umiliani on Italian imprint Schema!! A 1973 Classic Check it out!! Learn More
  33. SW. - Untitled

    SW. - Untitled


    Ever stunning SW delivers completely convincing original, warm Techno steppers. Learn More
  34. FJAAK - Fjaak (2 x LP) (Pre Order: 20/01/07)

    FJAAK - Fjaak (2 x LP) (Pre Order: 20/01/07)


    Fjaak’s path led them from the periphery to the centre and from there further through the world. Their self titled debut album for Monkeytown is as much of a summary of what had happened in the previous three years as it is an artistic statement. FJAAK combines the energetic peak-time sound of the Berlin-based trio’s acclaimed Techno singles like “Unten / Oben” with sophisticated Learn More
  35. FLUXION ‎- Vibrant Forms III (CD)

    FLUXION ‎- Vibrant Forms III (CD)


    Konstantinos Soublis, aka Fluxion, and Subwax Bcn have decided to pick up the banner and release Vibrant Forms III as a CD as well as four individual 12” records under 2016. It contains everything you could hope for and more: The massive, booming basses, the clicks and hisses, the atmospheric thunderstorms, the opium smoke-scented streaks of reverb and dub echoes. The warmth. Learn More
  36. MONO ENZYME 307 - Adventure In Cryosleep EP

    MONO ENZYME 307 - Adventure In Cryosleep EP


    Techno business! Learn More
  37. DAN HABARNAN - Glowstick Problem EP

    DAN HABARNAN - Glowstick Problem EP


    Minimalist, Techno UK rooted broken rhythms with killer Substance remixes. Learn More
  38. D.A.S. D.A. - Features Vol. 4

    D.A.S. D.A. - Features Vol. 4


    "It’s not often you hear a techno record produced by a total of five people. When it happens, it’s usually to mark a passage and make a statement. Sometimes it is a matter of celebrating a rita of passage, a shift into maturity and the embodiment of a new skin. This is what Repitch is doing with the fourth and final installment in their “Features” series, reuniting all the crew for the the final blast of Learn More
  39. SEV DAH - Prol / Otpor / Marija Bursac

    SEV DAH - Prol / Otpor / Marija Bursac


    Techno killers from Sev Dah! Learn More
  40. DARIO ZENKER - Dedication

    DARIO ZENKER - Dedication


    Dario Zenker comes to his own label Ilian Tape once again with his new EP 'Dedication' - released 30th November. The 4-tracker is his first solo output of the year but not the first we've seen of him in 2015, having released a debut album with his sibling as Zenker Brothers. Learn More
  41. ROD - Malmok (Klockworks 07)

    ROD - Malmok (Klockworks 07)


    Stripped back to the bones, raw movements from Benny Rodrigues AKA Rod, recommended. Learn More
  42. MAURIZIO - Ploy

    MAURIZIO - Ploy


    'Ploy' is the imitating release by Basic Channel even before they had found their name under which they would create a complete outstanding release sequence. Learn More
  43. BASIC CHANNEL - Quadrant: Infinition

    BASIC CHANNEL - Quadrant: Infinition


    Basic Channel is a production team and record label, composed of Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, that originated in Berlin, Germany in 1993. Learn More
  44. VARIOUS ARTISTS - Ovadoca / Contortions EP

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Ovadoca / Contortions EP


    MindTrip Records are at it again, which to be honest is expected Pfirter is the head honcho. This release is compiled of 2 originals from Tripeo and Simon-Haydo, whilst the remixes are produced by JuhoKusti (Deep Space Helsinki) and the Jonas-Kopp. Learn More
  45. VALMAY - Created Force EP

    VALMAY - Created Force EP


    Valmay is back after 5 Years from his first release, his return is marked by a burst of sonic energy in the atmosphere, 4 cuts of a master mind that reflects the essence of techno in his own personal way. This is an exclusive artist for ARTS and Blueprint. Learn More
  46. REEKO / EXIUM - Regenerative Circuits Part 1 EP

    REEKO / EXIUM - Regenerative Circuits Part 1 EP


    Reeko And Exium Meet On Mental Disorder 18. Regenerative Circuits Part 1 Brings Three Quality Tracks To Live. Learn More
  47. RICARDO TOBAR - If I Love You (Ltd. Red Vinyl)

    RICARDO TOBAR - If I Love You (Ltd. Red Vinyl)


    If I Love You is the first official extract from the forthcoming Ricardo TOBAR debut album that will be released on desire later this year. Ricardo Tobar was born in a city called Viña Del Mar in Chile nearly 30 years ago. After two acclaimed 12 inches on Border Community, James Holden's label (the beautiful El Sunset in 2007 & Boy Love Girl in 2008) followed two EP's on Traum Schallplatten (With You in 2008 & Mi Pieza Esta Llena De Cosas in 2009). Learn More
  48. ANTHONY NAPLES - El Portal / Pueblo / Busy Signal / La Cuarta

    ANTHONY NAPLES - El Portal / Pueblo / Busy Signal / La Cuarta


    Two spaced-out, synthed-up, house tearaways; a chunk of totally fucked-up dancehall; dub techno. A guitar solo and tincture of Fleetwood Mac to boot Learn More

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