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  1. COLOR PLUS - Color Plus EP

    COLOR PLUS - Color Plus EP


    Wacked out $$it delivered by Detroit's new underground stalwart Aaron Seigel through his Fit distro outlet. It should appeal to anyone with a penchant for the cutting edge and brand new as well as the hordes of subterranean club dwellers who live for that moment of smoke-machine abused excitement that only comes at the weekend. Learn More



    Levon's back around once again with another candid and heartfelt foray that harks back to such classic like "The Medium is the Message". Solid! Learn More



    Sombrero Galaxy (also known as Messier Object 104, M104 or NGC 4594) is an unbarred spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo located 31 million light-years (9.5 Mpc)[2] from Earth. The galaxy has a diameter of approximately 50,000 light-years, 30% the size of the Milky Way. That's right. Learn More



    Stallone The Reducer is back. Stallone takes you on a one way trip that will make your head rattle, clattle and clank. Indecipherable robot voices guide you, while the busted up drums and industrial strength synths push you back and forth. This one is for the brave. Lock in. Learn More
  5. M-TWELVE - Apocalypse In Paradise

    M-TWELVE - Apocalypse In Paradise


    M-Twelve is a new collaboration between Tortured and Electrix label owner, Billy Nasty and Nick Dunton of Surface Records, 65D Mavericks fame and more recently, Poverty is Violence label. Learn More
  6. HIEROGLYPHIC BEING - The Red Notes (CD)



    Slick new album on Soul Jazz Records from Chicago's finest, Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being Learn More
  7. HIEROGLYPHIC BEING - The Red Notes (2 x LP)

    HIEROGLYPHIC BEING - The Red Notes (2 x LP)


    Slick new album on Soul Jazz Records from Chicago's finest, Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being Learn More
  8. METRIST - Spoils

    METRIST - Spoils


    For this release Metrist delves into a set of carefully constructed and deeply rhythmic but ear-grabbingly idiosyncratic, mixed fidelity dancefloor-geared oddities. Learn More
  9. The ANALOGUE COPS / LUCRETIO / MARIEU / XENOGEARS - Balistic Presumption EP



    Dancefloor alert! Restoration Records celebrates its ten years of activity with 4 fully-fledged club oriented tracks produced by its stalwarts Lucretio and Marieu, also known as The Analogue Cops and Xenogears. Learn More
  10. STENNY - Old Bad Habits

    STENNY - Old Bad Habits


    There's something about Ilian Tape's style of techno that just works. Artists on the Munich label know how to make techno that goes beyond functionality, which has something to do with the blend of melody, broken beats and robust mixdowns. Stenny is one of Ilian Tape's top artists in this regard, and turns towards a rawer techno sound on his latest EP. Learn More
  11. POST 23 - Whispers

    POST 23 - Whispers


    Latest Release from Stilla Ton. Learn More
  12. LAKSA - Camo

    LAKSA - Camo


    Laksa's technofied bass sound is closely associated with Bristol. Both he and Beneath, who runs Mistry, the label responsible for Laksa's first releases, have ties to the city. It's also the home of Timedance, which put out Laksa's last record. His newest lands on Munich's Ilian Tape, a label run by Zenker Brothers, who are musical neighbors and a reliable source of breaks-laden techno. Learn More
  13. JAMAICA SUK - Art Vs War

    JAMAICA SUK - Art Vs War


    Gradient kicks off with a four-track release from Jamaica Suk and remixer Cassegrain. Beyond Horizon builds into a flurry of whirring metallic noises and mind-massaging squelches, with throbbing bass tones permeating the disorientating wall of sound. Art vs War brings drunken bassline funk, with warped synth growls and dusty percussion punctuating. Learn More



    This high quality project features music from Cuban American performer & guitarist Vivian Garcia reworked by Mathematics' Deviere. Presented by label boss Jamal Moss this EP features 3 tracks with classic club vibes. Think Guidance quality with Nervous Records movements. Learn More
  15. FALLBEIL - Macht Macht Zement (2xLP)

    FALLBEIL - Macht Macht Zement (2xLP)


    ‘Macht Macht Zement’—what does it mean? 80s drums, synths and vocals, almost without context. Fallbeil, two soon-to-be men (aka boys), finish tracks at the rate of butchers kneading meatballs. The album contains a wide variety of themes; from mailmen to warthogs, from latecomers to sensible conversation, every track is created out of spontaneity. Learn More
  16. 051 DESTROYER - Nrol 39

    051 DESTROYER - Nrol 39


    On Lunar Orbiter Program's third release 051 Destroyer takes us on an astral journey through heavy, spacey, acid soaked electro. Obvious huge nods to Drexciya here, while the four track EP also pushes boundaries. Learn More



    Someone has discovered that in Närke lays a dead snake encircled in a wreath of stars. Hence this is the fourth release in the Evigt Mörker series. Learn More
  18. DONA VS DJ PLANT TEXTURE - The Bongoman Archive

    DONA VS DJ PLANT TEXTURE - The Bongoman Archive


    The Italian producer DJ Plant Texture, who also makes music as Dona, has fleshed out a unique breakbeat sound over just a few records. Signing to Ilian Tape, home to masters of ethereal breakbeat techno like Stenny and Skee Mask, is an exciting move. For his first release on the Munich label, he uses his two aliases for a record that outlines his dual musical personality. Learn More
  19. CORPORATION MINDFUCK - Winds Of Corruption

    CORPORATION MINDFUCK - Winds Of Corruption


    Following on from last year's excellent Mindfuck EP, Corporation Mindfuck return with a five track release spanning IDM, spacey ambient interludes and dark, hard-hitting electro. Brilliant stuff from the relative unknown producer(s), a must-have! Learn More
  20. DARIO ZENKER - Trivin Fields

    DARIO ZENKER - Trivin Fields


    Two years is a long time in techno. But that doesn't seem to faze Dario Zenker, who runs the Ilian Tape label with his brother Marco. The pair's attention to rhythm and colour has set them apart in an often stern scene, traits that are evident in Dario's new EP, Trivin Fields. Learn More
  21. S & M TRADING CO- Metal Surface Repair

    S & M TRADING CO- Metal Surface Repair


    FIT Siegel and DJ Sotofett join together on their first 12" collaboration as S & M Trading Co. - a voyage many years in the making. Dark and atmospheric strings sail over a thumping bass line, all while a banging 909 beat and percussions keep this ship on course. The route is long, the conditions are rough,but soon a mysterious landscape beings to take shape beyond the haze. *12" also contains Acidic and Synthetic mixes. Learn More
  22. KALTES, NENE H- Protest EP

    KALTES, NENE H- Protest EP


    Eomac expands the roster of his recently inaugurated Eotrax imprint with the introduction of two forerunners in Berlin's techno scene: Kaltès and Nene H. Both have built respected reputations as exciting artists to watch, as Kaltès organizes Tresor Berlin's female:pressure-affiliated party series and Nene H. turned heads with her Fountain Of Fire performance at Berlin Atonal Festival. Their collaborative record, the Protest EP, presents a call to arms and an empowered take on gnarly techno with a stormy industrial underbelly. Learn More
  23. EDIT SELECT - Horizon EP

    EDIT SELECT - Horizon EP


    Edit Select bringing the goods on Soma! Essential Techno vibes! Learn More
  24. TINFOIL ‎– Tinfoil 6

    TINFOIL ‎– Tinfoil 6


    Tinfoil, a duo consisting of techno heavy weights Sunil Sharp and DeFeKT, have again released an EP of full of catchy analogue jams. Learn More
  25. CRESSIDA - Salvation

    CRESSIDA - Salvation


    Cressida comes with two harsh yet emotionally driven tunes stacked up by two killer remixes from Endlec and Matrixxman. Learn More
  26. WARIND/ASCORBITE ‎– Faction Vol. 2

    WARIND/ASCORBITE ‎– Faction Vol. 2


    Raw, industrial, hard techno - not for the faint hearted! Learn More
  27. VARIOUS ‎– CRSLTD003



    This release is Consumer Recreation Service's showcase of exactly what their lineup have in their locker. Learn More



    One of the most prolific partnerships in the business are back with a bang on this four track EP that's just as industrial as it's cover art suggests. Learn More
  29. R²π - Library of Babel

    R²π - Library of Babel


    An atmospheric four track EP with absolutely killer sound design, especially in the low end, over slow rolling minimal drum beats. Learn More
  30. RUHIG - Sleeping Oracle EP

    RUHIG - Sleeping Oracle EP


    After the recent collaborative Library Of Babel EP alongside Retina.it and PRG/M as r2p ,Ruhig is back on Midgar with the 4 tracker Sleeping Oracle Ep, first instalment of a release trilogy. Learn More



    Germanic label Fleisch have gained traction from their recent string of EBM flavoured releases, becoming a home for fast-driven, synth heavy techno. Learn More
  32. REEKO - La Mala Educacion

    REEKO - La Mala Educacion


    In recent years, the Spanish producer’s has gained a reputation for producing well crafted techno variants, a sound that embraces a dark, abrasive energy without compromising groove. Learn More
  33. TOMMY FOUR SEVEN - 47013

    TOMMY FOUR SEVEN - 47013


    47013 sees the first solo EP from the label head himself, Tommy Four Seven; his first solo EP since 2014. Learn More
  34. NX1 Remixed EP 3

    NX1 Remixed EP 3


    After more than 5 years releasing exclusively their own material on their label, NX1 use their cultivated experience to launch Nexe Records, a new platform with which they look to expand through other artists. Learn More
  35. HENNING BAER - Shatterproof

    HENNING BAER - Shatterproof


    The debut album from head of Grounded Theory and MANHIGH; a continuation of his downcast, experimental interpretation of modern electronic music for which he's been subject to an abundance of critical acclamation Learn More
  36. PHILIPP BOSS - Boss LP



    2 x 12" LP from Philip Boss Learn More



    After last years releases on Sushitech Records and multiple Yoyaku affiliated labels, Irenic labelboss Roger Gerressen delivers a deep ep with 3 excellent dub techno cuts. Learn More
  38. KITO KUSONOKI - Ukiyo



    New release by Kito Kusunoki, serving up a trio of slick beats on Yoyaku's sub label YoY Learn More
  39. BEFOG - Quattuor

    BEFOG - Quattuor


    After their release on All Inn Records, they are back home with Quattuor, the fourth release of their own imprint. Learn More



    Oshana returns to Partisan with an immaculate transmission that fuses tough techno rhythms with head-twisting psychedelia. She’s on devastating form on this record, rolling out cosmically-inclined arpeggios, sci-fi FX sweeps, heavy pulsing pads and tones and crisp, unrelenting dancefloor rhythms. Learn More
  41. VARHAT, Suguri, YOY

    VARHAT, Suguri, YOY


    Varhat delivers a four tracker on yoyaku’s new label YoY. Learn More
  42. JANERET - Olympus Serie Partie 1 - Limited Hand Stamped

    JANERET - Olympus Serie Partie 1 - Limited Hand Stamped


    Tartouffe for its seventh release presents the first part of Olympus series by Janeret. Learn More
  43. CUTE HEELS feat AGA WILK - State Of Mind (Pre Order)

    CUTE HEELS feat AGA WILK - State Of Mind (Pre Order)


    “State of Mind” is a 4-track EP featuring the vocal talents of Berlin artist Aga Wilk aka Romance Disaster on the the title track. Learn More
  44. CARON - Haunted Memory (Pre Order)

    CARON - Haunted Memory (Pre Order)


    Caron first came to light through his debut release on Boris Bunnik’s Transcendent label back in 2014. Since then he has also released on Mosaique & 030303 Haunted Memory sees Caron shift through the gears from string ridden melancholy to aggressive broken acidic workouts all with an overhanging state of suspense. Learn More
  45. ANDREAS GEHM - Living That Life

    ANDREAS GEHM - Living That Life


    Killekill House Trax is going strong - this time with a 4-tracker by the incredible Andreas Gehm. He sent us the music shortly before his death and said we could pick any of his artist names and his only condition was that the music was released on vinyl. Only after his death we realized that he had obviously already taken a decision then... Learn More
  46. JOHN F.M. ‎– Ricochet... And Then Leave

    JOHN F.M. ‎– Ricochet... And Then Leave


    Here is the long awaited third release from John FM. He is a 24 year old rising star from Detroit who follows up two well received EP's on Omar S' esteemed FXHE records - with yet more dusty machine funk for The Trilogy Tapes. He's found a fitting home on TTT, you can really hear it on the A side epic "Ricochet" as it pumps away beneath the lo-fi tape saturation, all hypnotic arpeggios and rusty drum patterns galore. On the flip, it's a classic Motor City affair from the Learn More
  47. BASIC CHANNEL ‎– Quadrant Dub

    BASIC CHANNEL ‎– Quadrant Dub


    Tracklist A Quadrant Dub I B Quadrant Dub II Learn More
  48. VARIOUS -  Envisioned Disorder (Pre Order)

    VARIOUS - Envisioned Disorder (Pre Order)


    ABYSS Recordings debut vinyl release Envisioned Disorder features Rommek, Yuji Kondo, Snitch and Michal Jablonski. Learn More



    Two tracks of fierce 303 action from Auto Sound City one of which is remixed by Posthuman. Pressed on a one-sided, hand stamped and numbered standard weight black vinyl release. Accompanied by a printed info sheet insert. Learn More
  50. MINIMAL VIOLENCE - Night Gym



    Having impressed with a fine debut 12" on First Second Label earlier this year, Ashlee Luk and Lida P bring their minimal violence project to 1080p. Their sound - a combination of dreamy pads, fluttering melodies and punishing, occasionally distorted drums - is a perfect fit for the Vancouver label. There's little to fault throughout the five tracks, with highlights coming thick and fast. Learn More
  51. FUTURE/PAST - Rare & Unreleased

    FUTURE/PAST - Rare & Unreleased


    UK techno veteran Kirk Degiorgio takes on the Future/Past guise once more for an exquisite 4 tracker on the Belgian De:tuned label. Learn More
  52. Timothy J FAIRPLAY - The Way Is Opened & Closed EP

    Timothy J FAIRPLAY - The Way Is Opened & Closed EP


    London indie dance hero Tim Fairplay returns with an awesome EP on his own Work For Love, the label's sophomore effort that has been only two years in the making. Bold and striking vintage jams bridging the gap between first wave Chicago house, Italo disco and EBM. Learn More
  53. OTIK / DEAD MAN'S CHEST - Hunga



    Picking up the gauntlet from DEXTLTD001 by Bodyjack & Special Request the 2nd Release on the DEXT LIMITED series comes from one of DEXT’s staple artists Otik , backed with a blistering jungle remix from Dead Man’s Chest Essential stuff for all Bass Heads ! Learn More
  54. TROY GUNNER - Gunner002 (Pre Order: 16/02/18)

    TROY GUNNER - Gunner002 (Pre Order: 16/02/18)


    Having had 001 hotly-tipped by the likes of RA, DJ Mag and Mixmag - plus a plethora of DJ support from Hodge, Zenker Brothers, John Osborn, Carl Craig and Moxie to name but a few, Gunner stays firmly on track with another trio of armoured UK-Techno tracks packed with chilly atmospherics and gnarly drums. Learn More
  55. Various ‎– Anonymous Delusional Eros

    Various ‎– Anonymous Delusional Eros


    A killer 6 track EP full of pure mind benders for the excellent Berlin based imprint Nous. Learn More
  56. JULIAN STETTER - Another

    JULIAN STETTER - Another


    Six slices of evocative narrative-rich electronic soul inspired by his on-going international experiences on the road; loaded with poignant introspection, thunderous rumbles and playful theatrics, the EP is bookended by two versions of 'Chorus', a vision of scorching hope and lift that can seize a full floor's attention in seconds and full live up to the track's title, message and meaning. Learn More
  57.  NICHOLAS - Lonnie's Reprise

    NICHOLAS - Lonnie's Reprise


    The six tracks on offer are closer to the usual Church sound - think dusty, hazy, sample-heavy deep house with clear jazz influences - tha the producer's previous work. Learn More
  58. STREETBOXXER - Tear Down Level 22

    STREETBOXXER - Tear Down Level 22


    Streetboxxer is a collaboration between Samo DJ and Hidden Operator. On Kings Chambers sixth release Samo DJ brings his cheap Streetboxx sampler to Hidden Operators studio and they team up for some dancehall beat making and live mixing under the (obvious) name Streetboxxer. Learn More
  59. VOLTE-FACE - Murmuration

    VOLTE-FACE - Murmuration


    London techno hero Casper Clarke returns to his notorious BleeD imprint. The party of the same name being a fixture in the UK capital for the last few years, plus his profile as a producer under aliases like Rote (with Daniel Avery) and Volte Face going from strength to strength. Learn More
  60. TRACEY - Testarossa

    TRACEY - Testarossa


    With a whole catalogue of releases under his real name Tom Ruijg, the Amsterdam producer continues his Tracey project with Testarossa, a follow up to his first 12" under the alias; Skyfall. Learn More
  61. BABE ROOTS - Babe Roots (LP)

    BABE ROOTS - Babe Roots (LP)


    Album composed and produced by Babe Roots in Berlin (DE) and Turin (IT) between 2013 and 2016. Mastered by Mathieu Berthet at Berthet Mastering Paris. Learn More
  62. VARIOUS ARTISTS - Scopex 98-00

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Scopex 98-00


    On the occasion of the 300th release on Tresor Records and the 20th anniversary of the mysterious Scopex imprint, we are glad to present you the long awaited re-edition of the three essential Scopex records, along with a previously unreleased track, recorded during these essential sessions. Learn More
  63. DâM-FUNK - DJ-Kicks (2 x LP)

    DâM-FUNK - DJ-Kicks (2 x LP)


    Dâm-Funk gives us his DJ Kicks opus on the independent record label !K7 Records. Learn More
  64. INFRA RED - Metamorphosis

    INFRA RED - Metamorphosis


    Canadian House, Deep House label by Ron Allen and Hayden Andre Brown. True Toronto history; Strobe's first ever release from the decorated bossman Ron Allen and psyentific lab partner Hayden Andre. All versions are present in their 1991 glory; Hayden's bleep funk tech and Ron's housier takes on "Metamorphosis", the sci-fi synth feels and finger clicking funk of "Spectre" take Learn More
  65. BANA HAFFAR - Matiere

    BANA HAFFAR - Matiere


    Bana Haffar is a West Coast electronic musician who explores live analogue performance. Her second release hosts two extended modular compositions and is one of a series from the US synth module manufacturers Make Noise, who have previously published recordings by Richard Devine, Alesandro Cortini, Keith Fullerton Whitman and more. Learn More
  66. Tuomo VAANANEN - A Small Flood

    Tuomo VAANANEN - A Small Flood


    Refreshingly sparse, nimbly dubbed techno-electronica and field recordings from Tuomo Väänänen, boss of Finland’s Ljudverket label. Learn More
  67. BLACK MERLIN - Archives

    BLACK MERLIN - Archives


    Black Merlin following up his Proto World EP on Berceuse Heroique with 2 x 12" of techno / EBM darkness. Learn More
  68. HEAP - Brasserie Heroique Edits Part 5

    HEAP - Brasserie Heroique Edits Part 5


    Berceuse Heroique on a slow-mo/trance/new beat tip with Heap’s thumping addition to the dead handy Brasserie Heroique Edits series. Learn More
  69. BYLLY - Chineurs de Techno

    BYLLY - Chineurs de Techno


    Introducing young Polish producer : BYLLY who shows us all his talent with this banging mental techno EP. Ear splitting synths, mental drums patterns and strong atmosphere. Chineurs de techno is about discovering new techno talents : Bylly is the perfect exemple of this fresh wave coming from Eastern Europe. Learn More
  70. COMPANY - Prosody

    COMPANY - Prosody


    Stomping & evolving techno cuts. Learn More
  71. TERRENCE DIXON - No More Time

    TERRENCE DIXON - No More Time


    Detroit native Terrence Dixon invites you into his spaceship to explore space and time through minimal, mind-bending rhythms that are sure to get you lost in his sonic soundscape. Learn More
  72. MYSTIK – Native Tongues / Seppuku

    MYSTIK – Native Tongues / Seppuku


    After smashing the sound systems over in Melbourne in 2017, Modern Hypnosis given Mystik the platform for his dubplate to become his debut solo 12" Learn More
  73. DISK - Funny Gair

    DISK - Funny Gair


    Groove filled Minimal styled bumpy beats from the Whiteloops camp Learn More
  74. MARCO SHUTTLE - Oscillate EP

    MARCO SHUTTLE - Oscillate EP


    Label owner Marco Shuttle brings about an other-worldy release for the 12th chapter in Eerie's releases. Learn More
  75. FAT B / LAD LUCA - 2 Make A Record

    FAT B / LAD LUCA - 2 Make A Record


    Single sided 12"; tested club bomb Learn More
  76. LNS / DJ SOTOFETT - Blot

    LNS / DJ SOTOFETT - Blot


    3rd part of LNS & DJ Sotofett's 12" trilogy. (Extended Mix) riding 12 min with corresponding TR-808 & 909 rhythms, layered progressive strings & patterned blips. (Techno Mix) with bouncy bass line, heavier drums and amplified strings, the 12" rounds of with thematic beatless (Fuge Mix) with incredibly hypnotic percussion and melodies. Learn More



    A killer 4 track EP from Axling characterised by it's rhythmical intricacies, thumping kick drums and bleeping synth lines; the type of Techno that goes down a treat at 3AM. Learn More
  78. BERABER - Sun Ritual EP

    BERABER - Sun Ritual EP


    The third release for La Freund Recordings comes from Amsterdam resident Beraber. Consisting of four strong and diverse tracks and a jazzy, piano-heavy remix by Chicago House legend Vincent Floyd, Sun Ritual works just as well in the club as it does at home. Learn More
  79. VARIOUS - Samurai Music Decade: Segment 1 (Splatter Vinyl) (Pre Order: 15/12/17)

    VARIOUS - Samurai Music Decade: Segment 1 (Splatter Vinyl) (Pre Order: 15/12/17)


    Experiments into D&B and beyond. Totally badass melon twisting soundtracks!!! Learn More
  80. BOKEH - Lancashire / Fast Fiver

    BOKEH - Lancashire / Fast Fiver


    Anthone and Katsunori Sawa return for a releasing a 12" single on The Weevil Neighbourhood under their collaborative moniker BOKEH. Learn More
  81. RADIUS - Obsolete Machines

    RADIUS - Obsolete Machines


    The entire album has been painstakingly restored from 20 year old cassette tapes, not an easy task but with alluring sonic results. Remastered using Apogee convertors and analog tape to preserve the integrity of the original masters. Learn More



    Following their successful collaboration track on Body 2:2 Mind compilation, Dorisburg & Efraim Kent confirm their elegant approach with 3 next level tracks for Tikita. Learn More
  83. VARIOUS - Delusion

    VARIOUS - Delusion


    With its very first release under it's own label; Delusion creates a sound defined by analogue based hardware and refined by arpeggiators, wide basslines and acidic synth lines. Learn More
  84. TAKAAKI ITOH - Clench Your Wench

    TAKAAKI ITOH - Clench Your Wench


    Originally pressed in 2005, this four track EP from Japanese producer Takaaki Itoh is pure industrial techno maximalism. Learn More
  85. RADIUS - Obsolete Machines (Vinyl Edition)

    RADIUS - Obsolete Machines (Vinyl Edition)


    An unreleased classic from the vaults emerges with beautiful reshapes by cv313 (recorded and reshaped from 2007-2016) This is where the sound of cv313 was realized, culled from cassette tapes recorded live (1995-2000) with nothing but analog/digital hardware, no computer in sight (excluding our Commodore 64 midi sequencer, which is still alive and Learn More
  86. SPOILED DRAMA - This Is Our Mission

    SPOILED DRAMA - This Is Our Mission


    The mysterious Spoiled Drama has undergone a series of expirements in industrial infused dancefloor ready techno, and for their sixth release, German techno label Fleisch have published his findings thus far. Learn More
  87. Violet Poison / OTS 44 ‎– Alien Gardens

    Violet Poison / OTS 44 ‎– Alien Gardens


    An industrial style EP, filled with wobbles, vocal samples and brash synths, this is a release that must only be listened to at a high volume. Learn More
  88. KISS THE FLOOR / KARL & THE KURBCRAWLERS ‎– This Desire / Same Day (Again) (7")

    KISS THE FLOOR / KARL & THE KURBCRAWLERS ‎– This Desire / Same Day (Again) (7")


    A 7" release from Oliver Ho's industrial-minded Death & Leisure label sees techno godfather Regis, AKA Karl O'Connor, flex his experience on two tracks that really showcase the boundaries of the EBM sub-genre. Learn More
  89. STOJCHE - Square Chapter EP

    STOJCHE - Square Chapter EP


    Stojche forges an exquisite EP that pushes the boundaries of tones made possible by techno. Learn More
  90. ALICIA HUSH - Vervet Underground

    ALICIA HUSH - Vervet Underground


    Alicia Hush. Ontario-born, Montreal-based producer catching ears and hearts with a diverse array of expression and energy. Alicia’s sound and vibe, the very embodiment of a life lived creating, dancing to and inspired by music. Her raison d’être, to be moved by music and to do the same for others. Learn More
  91. PEPE BRADOCK - #12"@last (12")

    PEPE BRADOCK - #12"@last (12")


    More killers from Lord Bradock!!!! Learn More
  92. ANTENNA - Alesis

    ANTENNA - Alesis


    Antenna crafts an exciting EP with a retrospective 90's feel, combining etherial pads over pulsing drum patterns to create a techno sound oozing with warmth. Learn More



    Varoslav, owner of Rue de Plaisance, and his good friend Gaffarel are back with a new release together after their first collaboration on the label, in 2014, with “Forbidden Love” feat.Jaw (R2P012) Learn More



    Raw Acid Techno excursions. Learn More
  95. ANTHONE - Double Dub / Clear View

    ANTHONE - Double Dub / Clear View


    "Though we might surmise that Weevil's first three "uncredited" 12" were coming from the same artist, this two tracker by Anthone is the first "official" second release by an artist on this Berlin label. The format has changed from 12" to 10", the overall impression is still one of a very carefully crafted and packaged item, and the tracks are, once again, an excellent breed of modest, low key dub techno in Learn More
  96. PARALLX - RP2



    Out of stock

    Fresh techno courtesy of R2 records. Learn More
  97. THE AUDITOR / CONSEQUENCE / TRIO 3 - Straight Out Of Wandsworth EP

    THE AUDITOR / CONSEQUENCE / TRIO 3 - Straight Out Of Wandsworth EP


    Coming off the back of two years running strictly-vinyl-only acid house underground parties, the Downfall crew - all veterans of the 1980's London house scene - have put together their debut 12". Straight out of Wandsworth EP. Learn More
  98. VARIOUS ARTISTS - More Cuts On Loving Part II

    VARIOUS ARTISTS - More Cuts On Loving Part II


    Fresh, widely reverberating, anthemic Techno mini-compilation Learn More
  99. OUREA (SAM KDC & LEMNA) - Ourea I

    OUREA (SAM KDC & LEMNA) - Ourea I


    Ushering in the next series of 10 releases on Horo and an all new look is the introduction of a new Horo artist signing - Lemna, collaborating with an artist who has become integral to the Horo sound - Sam KDC. Together Lemna and Sam KDC are Ourea, and Ourea I is an amalgamation of their two very singular approaches to electronic music. Polyrhythmic experimental techno with tribal rhythms that often operate at two different tempo’s at the same time, Ourea I is Learn More
  100. PETTER B - Unconfined

    PETTER B - Unconfined


    Confine yourself in a space. We tend to behave and act according to the walls around us. The easy way is to stay within the room, acknowledge its walls and accept being limited to its floor. Instead, start exploring the boundaries. Walk the walls or simply tear them down. Flip the whole room upside down or collapse it all together. Question and explore the concept of a room. It might not take you anywhere new but it could make a big difference on how you enjoy the journey or Learn More

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